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We left the UK at 9.30am on Thursday 16th July. The flight involved a flight to Mumbai in India and then a connecting flight to Bangkok. The first plane was brilliant and we had a computer screen which had games, films and tv shows. We were given lots of free food and rink, which was also new to me as im used to paying through the roof prices for plane food. Mumbai airport was quite an experience! There was a complete lack of organisation and the staff who were supposed to be directing us were arguing. As a result the plane was delayed for half an hour. The second flight was fairly short and only had a few grab the seat moments because of turbulents.

When we arrived in Bangkok we were greated by a lady from the i to i charity and taken to a guesthouse not far from the airport.
It soon became clear that the road system and rules and ignored by the majority of drivers and it was a little hair raising at times. The guesthouse was lovely and we were able to get showered and sleep. After our nap we went out in Bangkok with all the other i to i volunteers who were taking part in different projects across the county. There were people who were teaching, working with elephants, going on tours, and working with orphans. i to i is pretty good at offering variety with the projects that they organise. The evening was lovely and we chatted to a lot of new people and enjoyed some good food. The following day we had the orientation talk with our i to i coordinator - Masako. She went through the ins and outs of the project with us and how important it is to make sure that we stick to the cultural rules, particularly with dress.
We are fortunate in that where we are, things are a little more relaxed and we are allowed to wear swim wear, in more rural parts of the country the shoulders and knees must be covered at all times.

After the talk, myself, Jasmine and Konnie (our austrian friend) went out to a market in Bangkok. It reminded me a little bit of camden market. Full of colour and people. There was a lot of interesting foods available, lots of which i would probably run away from rather than eat! To get to and from th market we road a tuk tuk. This is basically a small cart which sounds like a motor bike with one bar at each side to keep you in. The drivers obviously like to have as many passengers in one day as possible and so to make more money they drive at what seems to be 100 mph. They also dare to take on moving cars and our driver decided to do a u turn infront of a moving car.
It was pretty exhilarating!

During the evening we went to Khao San Road, which is a famous road in bangkok lined with shops, restaurants and lots of people having a good time. We had a meal, which was lovely!!and then got on the overnight bus which would take us to the coast. This bus journey started at about 8pm and we got off at 5.30am. We managed to sleep a little as it was airconditioned and had reclining seats. After the bus was a 2 hour boat trip, which i loved. Luckily it wasnt too choppy and i managed to get some pictures of other boats in the harbour. It this point it was pretty cloudy and we experienced what thai rain feels like. It was really refreshing!

Bye for now!

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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea