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It was an ambitious trip - 7 countries in 14 days -  but someone had to do it.  I teach and have summers off but my best friend has a normal job and only gets 2 weeks vacation a year so we decided to see what we could see in two weeks time and man did we see a lot.

The Italian portion of our trip was toward the end of our journey.  By this point we had spent just as much time on a train as we had in our previous locations and the time on the trains was the only time we really slept; except for the few nights we spent in hostels.  With such a short time limit it was imperative we wake early and get to bed as late as possible, after all the good nightlife had died down of course. 

I had been to Venice before but it was midday.

  This time we slumped off the train at the perfect time - sunrise.  It was so early and we had spent the majority of our 6 or 7 hour train ride awake sue to the 'room' stealing men who claimed our seats as their own.  We could have sat awkwardly in the room with them but being 2 young american females, we opted the safer route of staying up all night in between two cars in the corridor talking and volleying a soccer ball back and forth as if it were an actual volleyball with our new irish mates who had also been 'kicked' out of their respective rooms.  It was all worth it though because not only did we meet amazing fellow travellers, we got some amazing shots of Venice at the perfect time of day.  Exhausted, we wondered around the city taking in the calm of the morning.
  The entire city felt almost deserted and it was a wonderful new way of experiencing the town.  As people began stirring we continued to explore.  The weather unfortunately began to turn cool and very windy, yet we still ventured up the campanillo near San Marco to get a view of the city.  Nearly being blown over we managed to take some great pictures.

Rome was quite different than Venice, obviously, and the weather was jsut as different as the views.  Venice, with its cool breezes had nothing on the heat of Rome.  No sooner did we step off the train did we rush to the nearest air conditioned cafe to cool down.  We stocked up on water bottles and headed on foot around the town exploring the colossium and the ruins which towered over our short statures quite easily.

  The scenary was absolutely breathtaking and you could feel the history around you. After pretending we could be gladiators in the colossium we decided to venture to the Pantheon where two roman 'warriors' captured us and forced us into a picture - wonderful tourist trap that was and there's nothing like being semi-molested by a roman gladiator of the 21st century on the hottest day of our backpacking extravaganza!

There's not much I can say about the Vatican that hasn't probably already been said a million times before so all I will say is - wow.  There truly is nothing like the energy that surrounds the interior structure of the Vatican.  Outside it feels like any other building that people travel from all over the world to see, but once you enter and push your way through the crowds of people, shoulders covered of course, it truly is remarkable.  I am not a deeply religious person and the Vatican even stole my breath away.  The architecture and artistry that went into sucha  structure was astonishing.

If ever I were to return to Italy, and I will some day, I would love to spend more time learning about each of these places and seeing each in a whole new light.

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Our goals was to take a touristy…
Our goals was to take a 'touristy…
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Vatican City
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