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Naturally Smoothed Rocks, Whirinaki Forest Park

Hey all;

Caught an awesome deal on a hostel, dorm room price for single room. Comfy beds, great front desk staff, Kiwi Paka backpackers, I salute you. Food at the cafe is good too. Off season in NZ rocks my world.

So, first shell out for tourist type stuff. Went with "walking legends" on a day trip through the Whirinaki Forest park. Really cute, young guide and one other person, an old spanish man I mostly couldnt understand.  Had a great time but the trip would have been alot less with a map and a car, but I dont drive. And I got some decent conversation out of it. Walked around New Zealands oldest podocarp forest, basically the trees that dinosaurs would have been roaming around since new zealand was not included in the big ice age, so plants have evolved differntly.

Crazy Big tree, slowly being killed by clever ephiphitic tree :)
Saw a blue duck, which is the worlds only "white water duck" basically these crazy things dive into white water so they can eat algae off the bottom of the rivers. Then pop back up on the other side of the rapid they just crazily dove under. Very cool.

Ended the day with a nice soak in a hot/cold pool. Basically one river was running into the pool with really cold water, the other was really hot, so you got to swim around looking for the perfect temperature, or go really hot, then swim over to cool for a rest, then back to hot. Really splendific, and surrounded by forest, and trees, and silica clay, all kinds of natural beauty including a very old circumcised man. How do I know you ask? Mr Floaty Penis seemed to enjoy having his winky floating just along the top of the water (right at face level, and its been a while since Ive had a dick in the face, and its going to be alot longer before I get it again, so I shouldnt really complain)And popping out of the water to grab a cigerette so he could flash his saggy bum for a bit. Whenever I would forget to avert my eyes (he was talking to us alot) Up would bob the floaty penis and I would be properly punished for my lack of persistence. Oh old men, I hope when Im that unpleasant to look at, I flash my saggy boobs and mons in everyones face. How do you like granny now yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! 

Anyways, Im still alive, and paying an arm and a leg for internet, still cheaper then phone though.

cneoridium says:
Speaking of winky, don't forget the glow worms! Waitomo's kind of a tourist trap (may be worth it though), but I remember there were sort of "lesser" caves around with the things... for less. The duck sounds pretty cool. I said DUCK!
Posted on: May 07, 2007
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Naturally Smoothed Rocks, Whirinak…
Naturally Smoothed Rocks, Whirina…
Crazy Big tree, slowly being kille…
Crazy Big tree, slowly being kill…
photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee