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June 23rd- We leave MtCook to try to get to wanaka since we cannot rent anything (now shoes, cross country skis) due to everything being closed for the weather, so we decided to head for the coast for some better weather in Dunedin, then go to Wanaka from there. Boy were we wrong! We drove through the centre of the island and saw a really big dam (Ryan is american so he loves to see mans horrible impact on nature ha ha ha.. only joking) . We went to the Morekai boulders, possibly the dumbest tourist attraction in new Zealand. When we got to the beach it was full of couples holding hands, so we laughed at them walking around all romantic like at sunset. Then realized we were doing the same thing and felt real lame, especially since there is no romance going on, poo. Morekai boulders are 1metre diameter rocks on the beach. About 20 of them. When we tried to find a bathroom there was a staircase that cost $2 to use. Also lame.

Started making our way to Dunedin and into another snowstorm/cyclone of some sort. Got stuck driving in some circles around the city of no parking and decided it would be good to drive out to the otago pennisula so we could see pengiuns in the morning. Fun thing about New Zealand driving at night - no guardrails.... real icy, dirt roads on huge curvey cliffs and in the low part, the ocean lapping OVER the roads while you drive. Plus there was a big rain/wind storm. So we parked where we felt stuck. Which is going to be a theme for this trip.

June 24th- attempted to see penguins -closed due to wind, attempted to see albatross -crazy expensive. We went to hike at a place called the pyramids and there were 75mph winds hitting us is in the face as we tried to climb. Went to Victory beach from there to see really big crashing waves and a sea lion... got sand in my eyes and mouth. Gritty goodness. Then we went into the city and attempted to see cadbury factory - partially closed due to weather so we got the half tour. Kinda lame. But the creepy music and puppets made up for it in nightmare-ish qualities. Then we made supper in the parking garage of a "warehouse" store and did a Speights brewery tour. Really cool, and I hate beer. Really neat scottish tourguide who lives for beer. Neat factory. We decided to try to drive to wanaka after that and slept in the van in some random place on the side of the road where we figured we would not get caught.

June 25th; Drove to Wanaka - really beautiful > Big turquoise lake surrounded by mountains and best of all, a Holiday park with heated bathrooms and a hot tub! After talking to Ryans ski provider we hunkered down for a movie, spaghetti, and about 4 hours in the hot tub, until we were real pruney and pretty drunk. Ahhh cheap formeldahyde wine. So sick. So worth it.

June 26th- Ryan gets his skis and we drive to treble cone ski resort up the sketchyest road we have driven on yet. Pictures forthcoming--- but basically every turn was death without guardrails all the way to the top of the mountian. Real Crazy. Ryan was excited like a little puppy with his new skis and when up and down the same run (the only one that was open) for 4 hours. I found a warm place in the van to nap and eat and take pictures of the stunning views (and recover from previous nights drinking). Then we made our way to Te Anau. We crashed on a $600 000 lot for the night, Glad no real estate agents showed up. real fun.

June 27th- Got information about Day hikes in Milford sound, went to a bird santuary so Ryan could see Takahe and I could sound smart. Went to another Holiday park and watched really lame movies (Deep BLue... I want to wash it from my memory forever) drove to lake manapouri and decided to due a cruise in doubtful sound the next day. Had sweaty sauna fun in TINY sauna. Got out of paying for it. We are really cheap. 

June 28th- Took the cheap cruise to doubtful sound. Perfect day, bright sun.... and it usually rains 2 out of 3 days there. Cruised Lake Manapouri, went 2km underground to see a power station that looks exactly like an evil russian lab in James Bond Movies. Really cool. Then took a bus trip over a big snowy mountian top to get to doubtful sound. Got on yet another cruise boat and enjoyed to extreme beauty. We also ran into a pod of bottlenose dolphins and got to have them spray water in our faces from their blowholes. Cool. Ryan managed to do a balancing act at the front of the boat and got a cup of spring water from the mountian side. We also went out as far as the tasman sea before coming back. After all this romance we felt it might be appropriate to purchase some candles or incense for the smelly disgusting mouldy van we are sleeping in. Im adding alot to the stink personally and Ryan is certianly doing his part. Nothing like a romantic trip with someone who is erriely like your older brother - when he was 12. After doubful sound we looked for a camping spot, where we got stuck on the soft sandy beach. Not too fun.... took a nice long walk in the dark so we could figure out that 1) kiwis hate people with american accents 2) nothing was open 3) cars pass by once every 45 minutes. Spent some time praying there was no tide on the lake.

June 29th- Flipped hair at blue collar men in big 4 wheel drive vehcile - and they pulled us out of the beach. real, real happy about that. As our other plan was to sit around and cry. Really loving my hair right now. So is Ryan. He must praise my hair for the rest of the day to make up for getting us stuck. Tried to drive up to milford sound, but is was pissing down rain and we could see anything so we went back to Te-Anau (after a short "nature walk")and just chilled out for the rest of the evening

June 30th - Drove to Milford Sound. REALLY REALLY COOL. Lots of waterfalls, lots of cool rivers, really huge mountians, spetacular drive. That took up most of the day. Ryan is getting me to like his bad american rock/country music. Oh..... the horror... the horror. Ate at a really cool diner that had a fireplace (our new definition of good - warm) and got lost on some crazy back road and decided to sleep there. Van gettting really, really really really gross. The mould is black... and spawning new mould armies. I believe they originated in Ryans feet but I cant be sure since my scalp is about as gross.

Today - July 1st, Canada DAY WOOOO>...... waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Canada day with an american. Boo. The place where we slept last night was really beautiful during the daylight hours, giant mountianous valley with rivers and whatnot. We have driven into queenstown which is tourism central but provides really cheap internet (hence the long letter).  My good buddy Melissa has been relocated to the North Island (Rotorua) so I will be going there for my B-day for a month instead of watching the B&B in Hector. This seems like a warmer option.  We think we are going back to wanaka for the day since we really loved the heated showers. Oh heat... I miss you.

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