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The hotpool in Lindas Pass, me sucking in for dear life so my BF doesnt see the little belly I have developed!

July 1st;From Queenstown to wanaka, we stay at the wicked holiday park where we stayed before with a hottub, watched million dollar baby (why did no-one tell me how that ends! depressing) drive up the remarkables for fantastic views and crap skiing

July 2nd- Drove from Wanaka to Haast, almost ran out of fuel??Saw the big rapid thinginy (the cavern? chasm? in mt aspiring national park) and the big roadside rapid.  Drove the wrong way out of haast to sleep in the bush somewhere

July 3rd- We get to fox glacier, check the area out, take some photos, drive on the franz joseph and find a place to sleep /indian restaurant, and do a nice walk in a glowworm cave/tunnel. Real fun, real wet.

Our Van stuck by a canal in Twizel. Fun times!
Stay at an overcrowed child filled holiday park.

July 4th- Walk the glacier, with our own equipment, this takes most of our day congo lining through the tourons. Then we move on towards hokitia. Find a little cafe/bar in hokitika to get some "ol bastard beer" and buy some alcohol at the liqour store so we can get drunk down by the river (we park instead down in a little off trail where we thought the river might rise and kill us... this was drunkness talking) we slowly begin our decent into alcolism and dirtiness

July 5th - Ran around Hokitika looking for the perfect necklace for Ryans woman, and print out good picture of him (which was almost impossible for me to take) to send to her. This is a very long, jade filled day. We inquire after hotpools and discover there are some good ones in Lindas pass, our trip is thus far planned.

me infront of lake Clearwater, on the way to Edoras
We drive to Punakaiki during the night, and find out that DOC signs are accurate, the road actually DOES get covered in water, fancy that. Tonight we are drinking in a van down by a swamp. The bar drops.

July 6th- Hike to Fox Caves in Punkakaiki, they are awesome and big and full of poofy white stalactites or stalagmites or whatever. Real cool. Then we went to see the pancake roacks at high tide and were disapointed by no big waves. We drive up to westport to have the worst possible "meal" of heavily MSG'd reprocessed meat and death. I am going to die of cancer strictly due to that meal. We purchase more alcohol and go looking for a river. We end up on a roadside instead. We have now hit maximum stinkiness and are using an air freshener every time we get into the van to battle the "funk" that is coming out of it.

Lord of the Rings goodness! See the hill that is edoras behind me :)
Our standards are single celled organism low

July 7th; We find the holy grail of hotpools. Off on the side of the road, surrounded by rivers and mountians, and we pop in there for a good 5 hours. And meet a kiwi who apparently spends his life going from hotpool to hotpool and told us about the history of hot pools in new zealand, and his conspiracy theories about 9-11 (stupid travelling with an american) Got real wrinkly and pruney but clean! -er then we were. We drive to Sumner (just outside of christchurch where ryan lives) that night. It is good to get our of the van... but his apartment is so bloody cold (-5 celcius!) we should have stayed in the van. stupid apartment

July 8th; Drive to Akaroa, sleepy little french town on the Banks penninsula a few hours from Christchurch. Mostly a senic drive. Not a whole lot of crazy or zany stories. We spend the day saying goodbye to the van

July 9th- We return the van. Tears ensue. Now we dont know what do do with ourselves... just kidding! Fill the next 48 hours with me cooking and us gorging ourselves on food and watching movies and trying to stay warm

Jully 11th- My B-Day, we go to watch Harry Potter, more cooking and gorging (I completely take over the kitchen, and become kitchen gestapo... not really sure what Ryan did for this period) made lamb stew, chickpea/chicken curry, spaghetti sauce to die for, cookies, lamb korma... the list goes on.

July 12th, I head to the airport and fly to rotorua, where I am now. Will update you all soon!

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The hotpool in Lindas Pass, me suc…
The hotpool in Lindas Pass, me su…
Our Van stuck by a canal in Twizel…
Our Van stuck by a canal in Twize…
me infront of lake Clearwater, on …
me infront of lake Clearwater, on…
Lord of the Rings goodness! See th…
Lord of the Rings goodness! See t…
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