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I know I have been bad not writting very often lately, but I have not had too much to say and internet has been hard to come by. Last week I went up to the far north of the North island and stayed in Pahia. Really beautiful warm area with big golden sandy beaches, turquoise waters, palms, the whole "beautiful like crazy" bit , right down to the mangrove forest I went tramping through. Spent some time getting into trouble for general rowdiness with three other ladies I met along the way from Switzerland, England and Ireland. Had a fun nighttime tramp through the woods which was unintentional (... its getting dark, are we there yet? ... does anyone have a flashlight? ... oh crap) But we got to see some glowworms on the banks along the sides of the trails, which was pretty cool. I also took a ferry ride over to the town of russel, which is like a sleepy little maritime town in NS, quaint and pretty, but not that interesting.

I am back in Rotorua with my friend Melissa, and we have switched up in the apartment world from a 3 bdrm swanky apartment, to a even more swanky 3 brdm apartment with a much bigger TV. Movie watching has ensued. Melissa scrounged up a kayak from the depths of the resort and I dare not ask how long its been there. This Kayak weighs a crapload and yesterday I sussed it out on a really easy calm part of the canal to make sure it does not leak or anything like that. There are a couple of patches on the bottom that suggest that leakage may be a problem, so I choose to be cautious. Today I took the little bugger out on the channel a few km's away from the resort , keeping in mind that this channel flows AWAY from the resort, I turned back at the appropriate time. Cue strong winds in the opposite direction and that lovely little leak free bottom choosing to spring one on me. So I am getting a wet but from the water trickling into the kayak (nothing super serious though) and at different spots in the canal I was gritting my teeth paddling and almost making no movement at all. Lots of switchbacks (going in Z patterns across the thing) in order to work my way back. One highlight though was being a foot away from little baby black swans and their VERY angry parents (unintentionally) while trying to fight a particularly strong current. SOOOOO cute. I felt very accomplished when I gently floated back into my docking space,  but now my arms are all sore so I am feeling slightly less intelligent.

Tomorow I am doing some bus riding over and around the east coast of the island, before coming back to rotorua so Melissa and I can take a road trip up to the coromandels and then over to auckland. Then I am flying back to the south island, and doing some more tramping in the arthurs pass area which I did not fully get to explore before. Yeah! Then.... Homeward bound.

danieljhudson says:
Sounds like you're having quite the adventure. Keep the blogs/pictures coming.
Posted on: Aug 04, 2007
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