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My Bed space with a view, for free!

So; Excellent news. I went out walking at night with Ian (the senior ranger here on Tiri, he would like me to mention that is a hunk, only young attractive female volunteers need apply... ha ha) to see if I could find any kiwi. We walked for about 40 mintutes, searcing around, and it was erie, it was so quiet. I got a little discouraged but then Ian shone his flashlight on a little mass. It was a storm petrel, less then a foot away, just looking at us dis-interested. Further along we saw a tuatara (very rare iguana like lizard) run along the path ahead of us into a bunch of ferns. Getting these two animals is more then most people get in a lifetime. However, not much further after the tuatara, I saw A LITTLE BLUE PENGUIN other wise know as gods definition of cute. It was really high up on the highside we were trekking up, so I asked Ian if it was normal for them to come this far in from the beach. He said “ They come right to the top of the island, and underneath MY bloody house” which was really funny.

Me on Tiritiri, These trees are so beautiful and grow twisted up cliff sides


So we continued on, and reached an excellent bit of trail that is all boardwalks, twisting up the side of this wonderfully forested hill. The moon was so full we didn’t need flashlights to see, and through the big fern trees everything was covered in a dappled silvery light. The twisted white trees were making beautiful silhouettes everywhere, it looked like Rivendell from LOTR. Absolutely breathtaking, I cant emphasize enough.

In this magical atmosphere, we heard, a male kiwi. Very close to us scuttling around in the bushes. Ian and I sat in the dark, for about 25 minutes while Ian convinced the Kiwi that he was another kiwi, and therefore tempted it towards us. When It was close enough he hit the flashlight beam on it and I got a perfect view of a little spotted kiwi.

Overlooking the Coast of Tiritiri
Basically a big round fluffyy bum with a pointy beak. After we turned the flashlight off, it kept sniffing for us, trying to figure out what we were. Very cute.


Anyways, a very exciting night, followed by a very tiring morning. Worked a lot getting everything together since a shipload of school children got landed on the island to stay for the next three days. And guess what, the principal and one of the teachers are in my room. But 30something men, who have very little problem whipping of pants or shirts infront of me while Im trying to read. Egad! Luckily they are both very attractive, and I suspect, gay. So Im in for a free show J


carpefunk says:
lol >>>A LITTLE BLUE PENGUIN other wise know as gods definition of cute
Posted on: May 02, 2007
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My Bed space with a view, for free!
My Bed space with a view, for free!
Me on Tiritiri, These trees are so…
Me on Tiritiri, These trees are s…
Overlooking the Coast of Tiritiri
Overlooking the Coast of Tiritiri
photo by: Fulla