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Me in Kula Eco Park

Okay, My First Day In Fiji

1)      Spent a LONG time getting off of the plane and through customs after becoming the self appointed caretaker of a blind Hindu Holy Man (not kidding, thats got to count for some good karma), so had to get us both through the gates and him to his family etc.

2)      Meet Melissa, we quickly get caffine, I will need it.

3)      Head to Melissa’s house on stilts (which is inside a barbed wire barricade with 6 dogs to keep out intruders, apparently theft is a problem), still elated in seeing my first “lifetime” bird, the Myna, to my list of birds seen.

Orange Dove, Native to Fiji
This elation quickly dissipated when I realize there are more Mynas then Fijians

4)      We decide to go to the Kula Eco Park, on the south bit of the island, on the way there, and on the way back I see the following birds in the wild (skip this if you are not a bird type person!)

-Spotted Dove

-Vanikoro Broadbill

-Wattled Honeyeater (and while trying to see this bird, smashed my toe on a rock, causing a lot of blood to cover my flip flop, which I allowed to bleed until I finally saw that stupid fast jumping ADD bird– my first aid kit has been chrisened)

-Orange Crested Myzomla

-White Collared Kingfisher

-Fijis Parrot Finch

-Fiji Woodswallow

-Red breasted Bulbul

-Pacific Harrier

-Easter reef  Heron (Majestic White bird, totally awe inspiring to see one)

-White Rumped Swiftlet

-Pacific Swallow

*And one other heron, that was all black with bright yellow legs, as yet unidentified

       5)  I also see  a fruit bat flying through the sky, a little gecko like lizard, a mongoose scuttling around the grass, countless goat, pigs, horses, chickens, dogs wandering around in the road (or tied loosely with a string) in ALL parts of Fiji.

The Goat.
In the middle of the rich neighborhood in Nadi, there were cows tied up to the gates. I stopped to take a picture of a goat, thinking no one was around in a rural area, then heard someone call “That’s MY goat!” (but in a happy way). I turn to the house across the road and a bit, and an entirely indo-fijian family is peering at me from behind their hanging laundry quizzically, I said “There are lots of goats on the side of the road here, Ive never seen that before!” And they cracked up laughing. I’m making a lot of people laugh today. When I went to take pictures of a group of baby pigs, one squealed, and the other one, in an attempt at hiding went down on its belly so all 4 of its legs sprawled out. Now, considering it was a BLACK pig in the middle of a large GREEN field, its attempts were humorous at best. After this did not get me to move, the pigs decided to be really brave and tear off across the field squealing and snorting loudly. This sound was mimicked by Melissa and Neno (her friend) who were in the car watching the standoff between pigs and Me. They also had a good laugh when I explained how I bashed up my toe (put your binoculars down before you go towards an object).

Anyways, its been a long day and Jet lag is taking its toll, so I will say bye bye for now!


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Me in Kula Eco Park
Me in Kula Eco Park
Orange Dove, Native to Fiji
Orange Dove, Native to Fiji
The Goat.
The Goat.
photo by: SheLuvz2Fly