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Day 2 In Fiji


So I woke up at about 4:00 in the morning (slowly getting used to the time zone) and watched the sunrise. Very nice. Then Melissa and I went to pick up Neno to go… skydiving! Originally it was supposed to be Melissa and I go up , and then Neno, but due to different complications, I had to go up with Neno. Fun part here – Neno is brazilian and has nice brown skin. HE jumped first. So I got to see what Neno would look like white. Then Rob (my tandem jumpmaster) wiggles his way (with me attached) over to the edge of the plane where the door is open and I am thinking “No way” so I said “#@$%, Im really scared now...  thinking I could say… lets not do this.

Free Fall Baby
. and he goes “That’s normal, head back, feet under, here we go” And we jumped. Wow how totally insane and amazing. We did 10 000 feet and had 30- seconds of freefall over some of the most beautiful scenery ever. It was so amazing. And then when the parachute opened, we just got to stare and marvel at the beauty. He has a really neat camera attached to his wrist which he took 50 pictures with, all amazing, but none I can share with you YET to do computer difficulties, in the air. He took pics of us jumping out! Really amazing. Definitely a feeling of euphoria afterwards. I would recommend it J


To relax afterwards we had lunch by the ocean at Melissas resort where I developed a slight burn (which is brown now) which is to be expected, as I never tan without burning first.


To relax more, we went jet boat riding.

Not sure what Bob is doing, , but wow what a veiw
Basically they  drive insanely fast within inches of the waters edge or poles or bridge masts and flip the boat around, so you think you are going to die via boat crash, especially fun since there is no cover on the boat  and you are going 80kph. I got to see three new Birds, the White Faced Heron, Great Crested Tern, and the Pacific black duck. Yeah me!


After that, the real challenge, I got to try learning to dive. For those of you that don’t know me really well, I have drowned twice to the point where I was unconscious and had to be resuscitated . So I got in the pool, and at first I couldn’t put my head under water voluntarily. Then I did, and it was cool. I had to pull the breathing piece out, learn what to do to clear the water out, not breathe through my nose etc. But then I had to this part where the instructor fills my mask with water underwater, and I have to clear it out. I thought I was cool, but when the mask started filling with water I had a flashback to drowning so strong I jetted up to the surface and ended up shaking and trying not to cry. He tried to get me to get back in the pool to just swim around, but there was no way.

And now I know Im not going to die, hence the smile
I don’t ever want to remember that again – it was terrifying. So I guess Im not a diver L. But, I am a snorkeller! And Melissa and I are going snorkeling around Mystery island on Saturday.


We ended the day on Melissa’s Porch having drinks with Rob (my tandem instructor) who as it turns out, lives three doors down! Bula from Fiji
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Free Fall Baby
Free Fall Baby
Not sure what Bob is doing, , but …
Not sure what Bob is doing, , but…
And now I know Im not going to die…
And now I know Im not going to di…
Melissa Coming in to Land
Melissa Coming in to Land
Me trying out diving in the pool, …
Me trying out diving in the pool,…
photo by: SheLuvz2Fly