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So I had attended the Glastonbury Festival the weekend before. What other music event could possibly top that experience? For someone living in this neck of the woods, I probably saw more bands in three days than most people around here do in a lifetime. I could very well say I reached my concert quota, right? But thank god for the new friends I met at the festival who also happened to be spending some time in London afterward.

If memory serves me right, it was months before my departure that there were talks trying to get Bob Geldolf to do a repeat of Live Aid in connection with the upcoming G8 Summit in Scotland where the main agenda was the poverty in Africa that still loomed large after all these years. He'd sworn he never would, but who knew? I kept up with the news especially since I'd be in the UK in time for the summit. Finally the announcement was made - Bob Geldof gave his nod and the next thing I knew, they were giving away 50 thousand pairs of tickets for free via an SMS promo. I remember it was a no-brainer of a question but didn't apply outside of the UK. But throwing caution to the wind, I decided to stay until the weekend after Glastonbury when Live 8 would be taking place....just in case.

I spent the next few days in London and hung out with the friends I had made at Glastonbury. I couldn't believe what they had told me - that another 50 thousand pairs of tickets were being given away and this time, all you had to do was queue up. And they did. Early Wednesday morning. And they scored. And one ticket was for me. Holy fucking shit. I was going to Live 8!!!

It took a while for me to digest the news. I remember being all of 12 years old when Live Aid took place, watching the entire event with all the bands I was heavily into coming together for a humanitarian cause unfold on TV. It was a teenager's wet dream, and it most was certainly mine had I been capable of having one.

And now here I was with a ticket to its sequel. History was once again going to be made and I was to be part of it.

The next entry is the article I wrote for the British Council. It was one of the most overwhelming experiences I've had, and tear fell almost immediately as the show opened with...

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