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> Well we made it to France, we have had two days of driving on the wrong side and so far no mishaps (except one run red light and a couple of very dicey roundabouts...)
> but we are getting used to it!
> We are in Chartres at the moment, a small way south of Paris. We left Kimberleys three nights ago, stayed one night in Folkestone (near Dover), caught the ferry to Boulogne-sur-mer, spent the next night in Dieppe (another port, further south than Boulogne). The car is good, seems to be very cheap to run, and only makes a few strange noises (Dad: What does it mean if when you are turning very sharply, say for a three point turn, and the car makes this weird groan/squeak noise, I'm pretty sure its somethign to do with the steering?)
> We haven't started camping yet as its still a bit chilly and the weather has been a bit up and down, but hopefully we can start in the next few days or week at least.
> Last night we stayed in a Formule 1 hotel, very cheap but very was in a business park a little bit away from town, and there is nobody at reception most of the time, you just key in a code and stuff... plus the showers and toilets are all self cleaning and timed and... very odd.
> But Dieppe itself was a surprise, after the shenanigan of Formule 1, we went down to town and had a walk on a stone-laden beach, watched an amazing sunset with gelati that we ordered and then realised we couldn't pay for................ very awkward moment, especially because in our panic all our french had disappeared..... but we scrounged up the coins we needed luckily!
> Today we decided to risk it and just try to find somewhere to stay, and we didn't even really know which town we would stop in. Well we got to Chartres and were driving around the very confusing 'centre-ville' when we spotted a two star hotel right near the centre of town, which turned out to be quite cheap and quite great! We have two windows over looking one of the town squares and we had a late lunch/dinner up here looking out at people getting arrested! but only 2 people, its really actually nice!
> We weren't sure what we wanted to do over the next few days, as the loire valley is quite close, but we are also quite keen to get down south into the warmer weather.... so the Loire might have to wait until we make our way back to england later on. At the moment we are not sure if we will stick to our plans to go to portugal, as the distances and the cost of things are already starting to add up, so we might just head for Biarritz, San sebastian, barcelona etc... keep things not too outrageous distance-wise... as we have to drive back whatever distance we drive!
> So far all the french people we have met have been great to us, letting us try our hopeless french and being very patient... although some just speak english back to us... funny when they are speaking english and we are speaking french! Realise now how hard a language is, as although frank can understand most of what people are saying to us, both of us are finding it incredibly hard to communicate in french... which makes the job hunt seem like a hard prospect! oh well, there is always the grape harvest, and if not, a ticket home!
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photo by: Pearl510