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After a day chilling out on the beach waiting for news on my visa, it finally arrived from Elisa's housemate Tanguy on Wednesday morning - bad, bad news.  It turns out that non-French nationals can only get the visa in person, so if I wanted one I would have to queue like everyone else at 2.30am in the morning....rubbish!  I thought about it for a minute, but my frustration at all the time wasted and the inefficiency of it all meant that I decided I no longer wanted to go to this god-forsaken country!!  I had already done some research on the internet and decided that I would buy a flight to the Caribbean for a little detour - the flight was expensive to Martinique (£350/€430) as I wanted to fly the next, but I didn't care!!  So I went to the travel agent in Cayenne and got it sorted.  I was going to meet Damien for lunch, but he got held up with clients, so I tried to make my own way back to his place in Remire - cue an afternoon of comedy travel.  I had no idea how to get back as Damien, Elisa and Anne-claire had driven me round everywhere previously and I didn't have the LP on me.  So I thought I'd try a local bus (I managed to find one, they are pretty rare in FG!!), and got on and asked the driver if it went to Remire - he said yes.  After 25 minutes , he stopped and said it was the end of the line.....nowhere near where I wanted to go! I was still about 5km from Remire.  I explained where I needed to get to and he said the best thing to do would be to go with him back into Cayenne and to catch a taxi collectif, which is basically a Transit van owned by a local which takes people to various places.  I managed to find the place where the TC's congregate (on the corner of Rue de Mole and the bridge to Village Chinois for other travellers wanting to know!) and eventually go home to Damien's at about 4.30pm....5 hours after I finished booking my flight!  Lucikly I didn't have any plans for that day.  But at least I had my flight booked!  In the evening I went for dinner with Anne-claire to Le Boeuf au Jardin which was a beautiful little restaurant and served a decent steak for about €15.  Anne-claire had some raw salmon, which as any of you who know me, was not my cup of tea and there was no way I was trying that!!  It was a nice way to end my time in FG and Damien, Elisa and Anne-claire have been so good to me, I'm really grateful to have met them and had such a good time.  Come and visit me in England when I get back guys!!!


Visa for Suriname: information at  From 01/07/09, new rules mean that they are limiting visas to 20 applications a day.  You can apply for up to 3 visas per application.  Forms are available online or at the consulate.  Because it is school holidays between July-Sept, applications are high and it is bloody difficult to get a visa - people were queuing outside the consulate from 2.30am in the morning to try and be in the first 20.  Best advice would be to do a postal application 3-4 weeks before you want to go or do it before you leave your home country....I wish I had!  There are no flights from Cayenne to Georgetown in Guyana, so via Suriname overland is your only route if you want to go further.

Taxi collectifs in Cayenne: pick up point is the corner of Rue de Mole and the bridge that runs over the river to Village Chinois (don't go overr the bridge as this area is pretty poor and maybe dangerous to walk through).  Fares are really cheap - I paid €1.80 to go from the city to Remire (about 10km).

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