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Getting to Salto from Montevideo was pretty simple - it seemed like the easiest way to get back into Argentina without doubling back on myself.  It was a straighforward enough 6 hour journey, but the bus times meant that I would be getting in at about 7pm...not great as it would be dark.  I couldn't be arsed to mess around, so went with the tourist info guy's recommendation of Hotel Argentina and went there straight by taxi.  Got some food and went to bed.

Got up pretty early so that I could go to the Thermas del Dayman (Hot Spring baths) - was a nice relaxing morning and definitely recommended if you are in the area.  The Lonely Planet is a bit out of date though - it cost U$13.

5 (25p) to get there and U$50 to get in (£1.25) - still pretty cheap!

Got back into town and had a look around - Salto was a lot nicer during the day and seemed like a decent stop-off when the sun was out (isn't that the case so often!)

Got the ferry over to Concordia on the Argentinian side of the river - a real little tinpot boat and the customs/immigration was almost non-existent, just one guy on either side!  Once in Concordia, I knew I had to try and get on a nightbus to Iguacu as it goes through the highway near Concordia.  Eventually got to the bus terminal after trekking for about 45 minutes with my bags - nice! Was a bit of a sweaty mess!!  Managed to find a bus that was going to Iguacu at 7.15pm so pretty happy with that.  It turned up about 1.5 hours late though...suppose I better get used to this waiting around lark - this is South America after all!!

I went semi-cama for A$121 (£23) with a company called Singer Express - I wouldn't necessarily recommend them - the bus was comfortable enough but the seats didn't recline very far and the food served was sparse and not great.  Better off trying to get on the one of the buses that comes through here on route from Buenos Aires.  Got into Puerto Iguacu at about 11am which was good as gave me the day to get down and see the Falls - first thing I noticed about the hostel - no hot water! Arrgghh! Don't know if it just here or everywhere in town...I shall investigate....

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Central plaza
Central plaza
The little boat over to Concordia!
The little boat over to Concordia!
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