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I was meant to go on the Santa Cruz trek the next day, but there was no a chance in hell that I was getting up at 5.30 in the morning after the banging headache I had after Laguna 69.  So I took a day off and just chilled out.  Valerie had suggested going to the thermal baths near Monterey, so we scooted off down there for a soak.  It turned out to be a poor decision on my part.  After sitting in the brown luke warm waters for an hour or so, we decided to head back.  I nipped to the shower to rinse off and  when I came back my bag had been nicked - thieving little b*stards!  I was literally gone one minute, if that. We searched around to no avail and asked the attendant if they had seen anyone with a grey rucksack...of course they hadn't.  Probably all part of the little ruse.  So I had little option but to go back to Huaraz empty handed.  Lucikly nothing too valuable had been inside, just clothes and S.70 of money.  We got the bus back, me in just my wet swimming shorts and trainers - much to amusement of the locals.  I wasn't laughing I can tell you that, especially as it was bloody cold and I still had to walk back to hostel from Huaraz when we returned.  Valerie was a star and helped me make a report to the tourist information office (we tried the police, but they said we would have to go back to Monterey to make a statement and I really couldn't be arsed as I knew I wouldn't be able to claim on my travel insurance anyway as I had left the bag unattended).  Knowing I had the Santa Cruz trek the next day, I had to rush around Huaraz trying to buy new clothes, a bag, a memory card for a camera and some new locks - total pain in the arse.  All that done, we eventually sat down for dinner at El Horno, where I made my second mistake of the day - ordering a burger.  As soon as I had finished I could feel my stomach gurggling and sure enough I was on the toilet for the rest of the night.  Bloody great day allround I'd say.

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photo by: latino28