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Back in Cayenne after the relaxing weekend, it was Monday morning and another attempt at the visa for Suriname.  I wasn't overly happy about getting up at 6am to go to the consulate to queue, and I was grateful to Elisa my couchsurfing buddy for giving me a lift into the city so early.  I arrived and realised that I was in exactly the same situation as Friday - there were at least 30 people already in the queue and I envisaged yet more pain and agony trying to get this bloody visa.  I hung around, hoping I could blag my way in and found out that the people at the front of the queue had been there since 2.30am - absolutely ridiculous, just to get a visa to go to Suriname.  Was it worth it I was asking myself?  I was so annoyed when it came to 8am and the woman cut the queue off again and left everyone else with nothing and no help - I can't keep coming back here earlier and earlier, its just not worth it!  I was starting to think of alernative plans to get out of here, like going to Martinique and flying through the Caribbean - that would cost me some money undoubtedly!! Elisa came and picked me up and we went back to hers.

  Her housemate had come back from a weekend in Suriname and told me that he knew someone who knew someone who had a husband that worked at the consulate....maybe I had stumbled upon a backdoor way in.  Tongi took my documents and said he'd phone when he found out if it was possible.  An hour later and I received the news that I should have my visa by Wednesday....hoorah!!  It would mean staying in cayenne a few more days, but thats fine and Damien said it was no problem to stay another couple of nights at his.

So finally I could relax on the beach with the knowledge that I could finally be going to Suriname.  That led to a celebratory 'Madras' burger with Damien in the evening - these things are bloody huge and a heart-attack in a bun, but delicious.  Two burgers, two eggs, double cheese and salad....mmmmmm!!

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photo by: Sads79