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Pernell's boat did not live up to its name (there was a lot of fuss!)

The night at the Irish bar turned out to be quite funny - apparently the Trinis love their karaoke, so I inadvertantly ended up having to listen to other people sing - not usually something I enjoy, based on my experiences of the Wig & Pen in Colchester where squaddie-loving girls murder classics like 'I Will Survive'.  The people here love to sing and dance, and most of them actual have a semblance of rhythm (as is the way in the Caribbean), and I was amazed at how good some of the girls singing were - one girl belted out Beyonce's Halo and I had to turn round to check that it wasn't Beyonce singing, she was so good!  We had a good few beers with Karen, Heidi and Marval, Pernell's friends and with Paul and Jillian (an American/Trini couple), whose table we hijacked as it was so rammed - they were cool and Paul was soon hammered as he was drinking half pints of Long Island Iced Tea - hardcore!  Jillian's going to try and set me up with a girl in Colombia (who apparently is gorgeous!), so we shall see!

We again tried to go out on Pernell's speedboat on the Monday. After a couple of hours of picking up the various friends who were coming along (we had left at 10am!), we got down to the club in Chaguaramas at about 1.30pm.  It had clouded over by this point, which has been a common occurrence in the afternoons.  We started the engine on the trailer to check all was ok and after a couple of false starts, we had it going and then got the tractor guy to haul us down the launch area.  All seemed ok as we started off, but a puzzled look on Pernell's face after a couple of minutes told me that something was amiss.  He had the thottle full down and we were only really poodling along at which point he said we should be going much much quicker than this and that we had a power problem....oh joy, its taken 3 days to get this far and when we do, the sodding boat engine gives up on us! No wonder Pernell has a new boat on the way.  He tried some quick things to remedy the problem, but nothing worked, so we had to abort and return to port, disappointed.  Some you win, some you lose.  Maybe it was a blessing as on the way back it started to tip it down.

We took a little trip over to Maracas Bay, but it wasn't as good as the first time as since the massive rains of yesterday, all the mud etc has been washed into the bay meaning the water was a horribly discoloured brown and not much fun to swim in.  A bit of a damp squib on which to end my stay in Trini, but despite the mishaps and weather it's been good craic.  Onwards and upwards as they say as tomorrow I set off on the ferry for Venezuela!

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Pernells boat did not live up to …
Pernell's boat did not live up to…
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