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View on the way from El Calafate

So I set off on the tour at 1.30pm, led by the affable Marcelo, who kept us informed all the way along, giving us helpful background information and a few light quips to entertain us on the hour-and-a-half trip down to Los Glaciares National Park, the location of Perito Moreno glacier.  We had to pay the national park entrance fee ourselves (A$60/£10/$16), which seemed steep, but when you arrive at the park, you can see what they spend the money on - and bugger me, for once in South America, they are actual using it to provide tourist infrastructure!!  It is almost a first!

We got our first view of the glacier from a far not long after entering the park and it was a great moment - a huge chunk of ice, sandwiched between the mountains.

First glimpse of the Perito Moreno glacier
  We had a absolutely stonking day for it, the weather was perfect - clear blue skies with not a cloud in sight.    About 20 minutes drive further on, we stopped at the ferry terminal where some people opted for an additional boat tour which takes you closer to the glacier (A$45/£7.50/$11).  I was happy just to explore the boadwalks which were the next stop so I stayed onboard the bus. 

The national park have put a  lot of time and effort into the boardwalk system, which allows great views of the glacier.  I'd definitely advise going in the afternoon - you still have loads of time to walk all the routes, but it wasn't crowded at all, which apparently it can be in the mornings.  They are still building more walks to get even better views of the massive beast of ice.

I love this picture...late afternoon sun on the north side of the glacier
  In the bright sunlight, it looked quite stunning, with the light refracting a blue colour in the ice due to the dense oxygen levels (or so Marcelo told us!) and every now and again, chunks broke off, which sounded like a bomb as they crashed into the lake below. Awwwweeesssooomme!! (as the Americanos would say)

We had time to walk around on our own (about 3 hours) before we rejoined as a group and walked the final part together to get to the end of the trail.  Marcelo guided us along this bit giving us more info and explanations, which was cool.  He had arranged the bus to pick us up at the end, and we finally left the park at about 7.30pm. It was still sunny at this point (its been a real change for me coming from upnorth where the days/nights are equal, to such a disparity down here) and it didn't look like the sun was going to set for at least another a couplf of hours - now that would have been great I reckon!  We got back to El Calafate (still light!) at 9pm and I had time to grab dinner before crashing out for the night at 12am - I'd been up 20 hours, so it was a hell of a day!!  No respite though, onto El Chalten tomorrow...

melsadventure says:
Wow the photos are amazing Phil! Looks incredible. Cant wait to get there! As ever great tips too, just looking at the hostal now.
Posted on: Nov 30, 2009
sweetsummerdaiz says:
I have to say that your photos here are pretty spectacular!
Posted on: Nov 25, 2009
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View on the way from El Calafate
View on the way from El Calafate
First glimpse of the Perito Moreno…
First glimpse of the Perito Moren…
I love this picture...late afterno…
I love this picture...late aftern…
A little tweaking with the colours…
A little tweaking with the colour…
Perito Moreno Glacier
photo by: dardeb