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I was on the 9am Via Bariloche bus to San Martin de Los Andes (A$37/£6/$10) with a view to making a pitstop and changing buses to get over into Chile and the small lakes around Laguna Pirehueico.  It was a plan I had in my mind, but hadn't actually researched much (more fool me as it turned out) other than what I had read in the LP.

The scenery along the route (some of which was on the Seven Lakes road) was great and it was a perfect blue sky day (I was thinking I wished I'd had this yesterday when I went up Cerro Campanario in Bariloche!!) as we rolled into San Martin at around 1pm.  Its a lot smaller than Bariloche, but has a similar feel to it.  I immediately looked around for bus connections to Laguna Pirehueico, which looks like its only about 50km away on the map.

Lago Lacar
  I was thinking I might have to wait around a couple of hours, but that it would be fairly straightforward.  errr, no. Not in the slightest.  My questions were met with a few blank expressions from the bus company staff at the terminal.  I was informed that the next bus would be Sunday.  Sunday??! Today is Thursday!  Sod it.  That's that plan out of the window.  I wanted to see those lakes, but I don't have that much time to hang around.  The next best option was to go to Pucon, but even to get there (5 hours), there's only one bus a day, at 6am.  Christ, just when I wanted to relax in my last week, and I've got to be up at 5am tomorrow.  Bugger.  such is the traveller's life, at the mercy of public transport.  Without much of a choice, I booked the ticket with Transport San Martin, costing me a whopping A$70 (£12.50/$18).

I wasn't too bothered about staying the night in San Martin as its a cute little town and I found a great little place to stay, which was perfect for relaxing the day away.  I had a wander round the town, but didn't feel energetic enough (random sore throat kicking in) to do the 2.5km walk up the Mirador Bandurias (it looked fecking steep) to get the views over Lago Lacar.  Never mind, you can't do everything! So it's an early night to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

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Lago Lacar
Lago Lacar
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San Martin de los Andes
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