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So here it is, the end of the South American road for me.  What a 7 months it has been.  The time has just flown by, which is a guess is a sign I've had a good time!  It amazes me looking back - I've been to some of the most beautiful places in the world and some of the dirtiest, ugliest towns; met some of the friendliest people, and some of the most unwelcoming (and downright dishonest!); I travelled on modern airplanes and dug out canoes; camped under the stars and had my first experience of a boutique hostel;  I've eaten fantastic empanadas with the locals for next to nothing and eaten some bloody awful almuerzos (i still don't know what was in some of them!). It really is a continent of contrasts....but my god, it is an awesome travel destination.

So, here are some final stats:

Days:                                           200

Total spend:                           £8,020  ($12,000)

Number of countries visited:          13

Border crossings:                           20

Full cavity body searches:                0  (thankfully!)

Hours spent on buses:                 483  (apx 20 full days!)

Flights:                                            17

Lost bags:                                         1  (thanks LIAT!)

Stolen bags:                                      1  (some little Peruvian git!)

Distance covered (miles)          18,811  (30,274 km) [not including flight from London to BA]

Pairs of sunglasses expired:             6  (3 lost, 3 broken!)

Stomach incidents:                            3 

Number of great people I've met:     Too many to count!!


So it's unwards and upwards, New Zealand here I come....and a brand new blog!!

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photo by: Bluetraveler