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Just the odd nice yacht or two...
So after my impulse buy to get my flight to Martinique, here I am on another little piece of France.  It is quite bizarre being miles from Europe and still officially being in the EU and spending Euros...but after a while it feels quite normal!  I managed to get a few couchsurfing messages out before I left Cayenne and luckily Margie came to my rescue and was able to host me and pick me up from the airport when I arrived - its amazing what people will do for fellow travellers!  Margie lives in a lovely little seaside town called Le Marin, which has a big marina full of some amazing yachts - some people must have a lot of money!!  after completing a few chores and scuttling around for a while (the traffic here is pretty mental, and reminds me of the congestion we have in the UK!), we headed out to Pointe-du-Bout, which is the main resort area in the south of Martinique.
View from Margie and Erwan's house
  The beaches weren't what I was expecting (most of them are man made), but it was still nice chilling out near the sea given the temperature was about 35 degress.  Even at night it stays around 28-30 degrees so there's not really any let up!  We visited the Village de Poittiers (an art and craft village) which had some wicked little shops (but were a little expensive for a traveller's budget).  And just before sunset, we got to the Rocher de Diamant, a diamond shaped rock just off the coast and from the look out point above the town, there were some great views.  Margies is a little crazy I think - we were bouncing round the roads in her beaten up Polo (which had an interior that looked like a bomb had hit it...things were falling off everywhere and to open my window involved removing all the door trim to manually pull the glass down!!) and she was dancing to heavy trance music whilst trying to negotiate hair-pin bends....yes, it did scare me a little!!!  Thankfully we made it back to have dinner with Erwan in Saint Anne's at a cool little place by the water...that beer was much needed!!
wandafromtexas says:
Thanks for the blog! though it was some time ago you had this experience, it does help us TB's a lot to see what you saw! thanks and enjoy wherever you are!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2014
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Just the odd nice yacht or two...
Just the odd nice yacht or two...
View from Margie and Erwans house
View from Margie and Erwan's house
Le Marin
photo by: zavkhan