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I figured I would fill y'all in real quick (sorta) on my trips...first Praha then in the next tidbit dresden. But first...I absolutely ADORE my town of Tuebingen. It is so quiet and cute and i love that there are cows that eat breakfast right outside my window, and I think they don't like being called "COW" so I started calling them "Kuhe" and they stopped being so angry haha.

Now on to Praha... It was so beautiful; however, the trip there was horrid. We missed our train connection so had to find another one...that happened a bit all day then. Then once we got to Prague we were exchanging our mulla into krowns or koruna (i dont really know which) and all was going swimmingly UNTIL one of my friends debit card got eaten by the mechine. So we spent like an hour trying to figure out how to get it back. The phone number didn't work, there was no one in the information booth and I went up to about 7 people asking if they spoke either english or german...or even french japanese spanish or hindi (as those are the languages my group could speak). Of course NOBODY did though :(. Which is now why I want to learn at least a little Czech now. HAHA

Then we went to our hostel to find that they overbooked and we did not have a place to stay :( BUT they sent us to a nearby Hostel that was not very appealing HOWEVER the friendliness of the people made up for it (i plan to write a review soon :) ) and they gave us a room for a few nights.

After that all went a LOT better.

Then we went to dinner at a little place next to the hostel. I can't remember what it is called (if I find out i will let you know) but it was amazing. I had pasta with garlic, chicken, and various other things in it...and it was really cheap for a lot of food. Next we explored the town a bit and hung out with a friend of a friend at a bar-club and danced the night away. The next day we went on a free tour and saw the entire town (well most of it...a lot of it...some of it haha). It was great and a lot of fun hearing about the history of the city and how the towns people used to take down and switch road signs to confuse the Nazis and Russian soldiers. That night we went to a club with the same friend (Daniel) and again danced the night away :). In the morning, after a tiff about where to eat breakfast, we went and saw the dancing house, which was/is an amazing building with awesome architecual design. Then we went to the museum and I learned how to say coffemaker in czech. The women was so happy that I asked her haha but then people were looking at my friend and I stragely because we were walking around saying " makkkkerrr....coffemaker" in czech...people probably thought we were nuts BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT.

Then we were off to dresden...sooooooo read the next one for should be shorter haha!!

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photo by: vulindlela