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booya i fit in a locker!!!
Ok now on to Dresden...

We left Praha and got into Dresden late afternoon early evening and decided we would have a relaxing night so we went in search for our hostels (yes more than one...we had to split up into two) and then went for food. I will try to write reviews of the hostel and restaurant b/c they are worth it :). I will say though that the other hostel that I did not stay at (the Kangaroo Stop) was also very nice and the lady was very helpful...plus she is the one who told us where we should eat :) I hear tell the rooms were nice too.

I stayed in the Hofgarten...which was pretty nice I shall say :). I slept wonderfully and was very happy to have a nice bathroom to shower in that we did not have to share with other people. Then we woke up bright and early and headed off to see the sights.

We walked around the city and saw the Frauenkirche and went to see the operahouse. It all was very beautiful. I am impressed by how they were able to restore so much of it after the war. Although, knowing that it is all being restored kinda takes a little bit of the alure out of the city for me. I like the rugged-ness of cities, but Dresden definately needed a restoration :).

We did not spend much time in Dresden, but it was definately worth the trip!

mcavana1 says:
did u also know that on the frauenkirche every one of the black bricks were from the original structure before it was destroyed. Not only that, the bricks themselves were all numbered originally so they went back to the blue prints (or the equivalent of what they would have had at the time) and placed each of the bricks where they were. I thought that was absolutely astonishing!
Posted on: Jun 30, 2009
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booya i fit in a locker!!!
booya i fit in a locker!!!
photo by: aloneinthecrowd