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Mostly the road trips... 2 main road trips, one is to Niagara and New England area, second is to NYC by southern highways.. In addition to my Illinois life, there is also a 10 day California trip... But this for just now :))

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August 8th, 2008Nevada, United States
August 8th, 2008Hollywood, California
August 8th, 2008Los Angeles, California
August 8th, 2008Champaign, Illinois
August 8th, 2008Chicago, Illinois
August 8th, 2008Ottawa, Illinois
August 8th, 2008Las Vegas, Nevada
August 8th, 2008New York, New York
August 8th, 2008San Diego, California
August 8th, 2008Santa Monica, California
August 8th, 2008Torrance, California
August 8th, 2008Wheeling, West Virginia
August 24th, 2008Champaign, Illinois
September 21st, 2008Ottawa, Illinois
October 11th, 2008Champaign, Illinois
November 24th, 2008New York, New York
December 3rd, 2008Champaign, Illinois
December 12th, 2008Beverly Hills, California
December 14th, 2008San Diego, California
December 18th, 2008Los Angeles, California
December 19th, 2008Hollywood, California
December 19th, 2008Los Angeles, California
December 20th, 2008Hollywood, California
December 20th, 2008Los Angeles, California
February 14th, 2009Chicago, Illinois
March 21st, 2009Indiana, United States
March 21st, 2009Niagara Falls, United States
March 21st, 2009Buffalo, New York
March 22nd, 2009Cleveland, Ohio
March 22nd, 2009Boston, Massachusetts
March 22nd, 2009Marblehead, Massachusetts
March 23rd, 2009Niagara Falls, United States
March 23rd, 2009Boston, Massachusetts
March 26th, 2009Buffalo, New York
March 26th, 2009Niagara Falls, United States
March 27th, 2009Columbus, Ohio
March 28th, 2009Indiana, United States
March 28th, 2009Ohio, United States
March 29th, 2009Illinois, United States
March 29th, 2009Indiana, United States
March 30th, 2009Urbana, Illinois
October 30th, 2009Champaign, Illinois