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It is really difficult to get from the west coast of the United states to Managua in one day.  After doing extensive searches I finally found a few that got us to Managua in one day of travel.  Most of them said it would take at least 24 hours.  The itinerary we finally decided apon took us from home in Bend, Oregon (Redmond airport) at 6 AM to Salt Lake then to Las Vegas then to Houston and finally to Managua at 9PM. 

So after a long day of air travel we finally arrived at the airport in Managua.  Of course there is always a rush to get through the immigration lines and of course we chose the wrong line and ended up getting through toward the end of the whole plane.  Pretty simple immigration procedure.  Make sure you have the form filled out and have $5 (US dollars) ready to pay for your tourist card.  No need to know any spanish unless you did not have your tourist card money ready and then their english is pretty minimal there so they might be able to confuse you.

Once through the immigration it is time to go claim your bags.  Well as it happened I had nothing to claim.  I walked around the baggage carousel in search of my bag and alas found nothing.   A baggage attendant saw me looking around in wonder and asked me if I thought that my bag might have been lost and I said that it looked that way.  He had a list of lost baggages and yes my bag was on the list.  The next flight was tomorrow morning from Houston and my bag would be on that flight.  After filling out the form I was on my way to our hotel without my bag.

We had a taxi pickup arranged through our hotel, the Casa Naranja.  The guy was there with our names on a sign and was easy to find.  Julie had been talking to him while I had been working on getting my baggage paperwork dealt with.  We notice at once that the weather here is hot and humid.  Even at 9:30 PM.  Our taxi has air conditioning and also has windows that were heavily tinted giving us really poor visibility out to see where we are.  The best view is out the windshield which only had heavy tinting on the top and bottom portion of the window.  The streets are not all that busy at this hour and it really doesn't seem all too scary out there after all the reports of Managua being a place where you just do not want to be walking around at night.  Once at the hotel we find that they are charging us $17 for the taxi.  After checking around the next day we found that we could have gotten a taxi for around $10.  Score $7 for the hotel and their friend the taxi driver.

We check in and find that we can not have the deluxe room that we had reserved and were assured we had saved for us.  (this became a trend in Nicaragua).  The room we got was pretty nice anyway but for $10 more we would have gotten a bigger bed and a nicer room.  We were hungry from our daylong traveling so we thought we would get a snack from the restaurant in the hotel.  It took a while for the guy to take our order and then even after we had pointed to the item on the menu and sinse his english was pretty much non existant he brought us the wrong meal. We ate it anyway as it was much better than starving.  Back in the room we got ready to go to bed but had to kill a huge cockroach in the bathroom before we went to bed,  He put up quite a fight but I got him and never saw another cockroach again at the hotel.

Day one of traveling complete.................

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