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Day 5 � Peru � Adventures � April 28 2009


Today is first official day of my Intrepid Travel trip through Peru. Meet up with group in the breakfast room this morning and have a good meal of bananas, apples and buns and wash down with Tang.

Then onto a public bus to go downtown to the main square and have a walking tour with Andres of Lima. We go to catacombs to which I head out on my own as I already had visited the Catacombs.


We stop at a bar that sells Pisco Sour. I try my first Pisco sour today. Its not a bad drink at all, but I decide it is not fully for me. I tried it and that�s ok and now I can move on.

For you all, I recommend you all try a Pisco Sour if you ever come to Peru.

Group eating their meals. That I recommended!!
It is always best to try new things, regardless.


So anyways once we are done in downtown, I took a cab quickly back to Miraflores and 3 of us ran to Supermarket, Wong to get some snacks for our trip to Pisco.


We gather our bags from Hostel Pukara and I pay my bill for my many nights stay and board our van to the bus depot in Lima. Its time to say good bye to Lima for the time being, but I soon will return.

We board our public bus at the bus depot and it�s a good bus and we leave Lima on route to Pisco.


We follow the whole coast south of Lima and now I see that the whole landscape out here is all desert. No wonder it only rains once in 10 years here.  Haha


We arrive at a town just outside of Pisco and board a private van to make a final journey to Pisco.

This area is quite different, we are now on an almost non-existant road and its going through bit a rough area of town.


Once in Pisco I noticed that most of the vehicles are all 3 wheel toot toots and the roads are not the greatest. Pisco was hit hard by an earthquake back in 2007 and seems to have never recovered. All well, we are here in support of responsible tourism, so by staying in the town, we are supporting their economy.


We stay at the Hotel Pasada and its quite decent hotel, I get my own room as well.

This evening we  board the van to go for dinner down near the waterfront. Its nice down here. We go to a seafood restaurant recommend by tour leader Andres. At the restaurant there I noticed lots of Ceviche is on the menu, I love this dish and I recommended it to the other people in my group. A few of them also order it, my ceviche is a great dish and I greatly enjoy it. One of the best meals I have tried so far.


So after this, back to hotel and early to bed as early start in morning.


Just a note, from this dinner experience 4 people in my group got sick from dinner, gravely sick, but at same time I ate same food as they did and I was fine.

Weird stuff, over all I think Peruvian food is fine, people may have just bad immune systems. Just figured I say that so no one out there gets scared away from Peru food.

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Group eating their meals. That I r…
Group eating their meals. That I …
photo by: rsvpme