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Today I am off to Quito, Ecuador to go to the Galapagos Islands with Gap Adventures.

I get up this morning for a final breakfast of Bananas and apples at the Hostal Pukara with a few people from my Intrepid Group.

Then I am off to the airport, 3 hours before my flight to fly to Quito, Ecuador.
At Airport I entertain myself by buying some Peru souvenirs of some key chains, post cards and Shirts.
As well I buy myself a baloney sandwich and a Snickers bar to have some fun while waiting for my flight to get to Quito.

Once on the Plane with LAN airlines, its an easy flight to Quito, I get the rear seat and have no window at all. So I have no clue as to where I am flying to.

We safely Land in Quito and I get my transfer with GAP Adventures and get a ride to my hotel Rio Amazonias.

Its a really nice hotel and its almost 5 star. I am greeted by a guide for a meeting about the Galapagos Islands, I am met by 2 other people who are from Calgary, Alberta who are also going to be on my boat for the Galapagos Islands.
As well I am given a Gap Adventures T shirt that says GAP Adventures on it. Very good.

So this evening I am on my own in Quito, its already dark out and no time to really do anything or see Quito. So I head out on my own in the area to walk.

Not much to see, however I find out that I am in a very dodgy area and its Sunday so everything is closed. I walk by this one corner and there is this prostitute standing there who lunges over and tries to pickpocket me, very dangerous area.

Then I am walking down this one street and I find out I am being followed by 2 very large mean looking men, who are yelling at me.
So I walk to other side of the street and they follow me, at this point I knew this is part of a process of being mugged.
So I decide in my best interest to run and get out of here, well one guy does try to chase me for a block while im running but soon he gives out and I am safe. All well a chance you take when in Quito.
So i grab a taxi as soon I find one and get a ride about 4 blocks back to safety of my hotel.

One of those things you can say you experienced and lived to tell about.

Stay tuned for Galapagos Islands.
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photo by: Bluetraveler