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Today I am up for a start of a great day and the 2nd trip.
At the hotel is an amazing all you can eat buffet breakfast, the best food I have had in weeks, there is fruit and eggs and all types of good food.
While drinking my juice this one lady comes in and sits down at the table and starts chatting loudly.
She is talking all rubbish, all about the coffee and the condition of the watermelon. She seems to mean well but is quite annoying, as I can see that the waiter in the room is rolling his eyes when she is not watching.

I after breakfast go to check my emails in the internet cafe and the same lady shows up in there and says she would like to use the computer.
Politely she asks and waits, once I am done, I let her use the computer I was on.

I get my bags and meet in lobby for rest of group for Gap Adventures to fly to Galapagos Islands.
I find out that one annoying lady is in my group, from Toronto, Canada and her name is Betty and she seems to like to talk and not stop talking at all. All well.

So onto the airport and our guide gets our tickets and we get on the plane eventually.
On board the plane I find out I am sitting beside Betty, the annoying lady, and the whole 2 hour flight to Galapagos Islands, she does nothing but talk to me about all nonsense stuff, from the page numbers in the magazines to the carpet on the floor.

We arrive on the Island and go through passport control and pay our $100 park fee, yay. Get our bags and our tranferred to our boat the Gap Adventure II. Its a nice boat and I am gladly looking forward to my Galapagos Island adventure.

We have a nice lunch of fish and some vegetables and then off to a beach area to go snorkeling.
sea lion

This is my first time snorkeling in a year and this place is so amazing. There is sea lions on the beach and once in the ocean, the real show begins.

Under the water there are many schools of fish of many many different colours and sea lions that swim along with you.

This is truly an amazing place.

Once we are done there, back on the boat and back to main island to drop some people off.

Dinner tonight is quite amazing, it is great food and meat and all kinds of good stuff.

After dinner I head out with some girls from UK And Denmark and try my hand at a Karaoke Bar. Its a very unique Karaoke bar as its in some lady's house and she just moves her furniture around to set up a make shift bar. This is my first time doing a karaoke and i think I did ok at John Lennons version of Imagine, as well I did some song from the Backstreet boys as well.

Then back on the boat and off to bed.
Big day tomorrow.
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sea lion
sea lion
Galapagos Islands
photo by: Melboorn