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Wake up this morning for another great buffet breakfast in Quito.

Then get on LAN airlines and make our way to Lima. Flight over is good.

Bid farewell to the 3 people i travel with to Galapagos in Lima. Who are going to be going for a tour of Peru.
I hope you guys enjoy Peru as much as I did.

Now in Lima airport, I have a over 10 hour layover here, fortuantely I made some plans with a friend to hang out and go for lunch.
I was hoping to get to the payphone to call my friend Yadira, but too many people were hogging the pay phone for over 45 minutes.

Finally I get to the phone and call her cell and agree to meet her in town, Miraflores. To tell her all about my adventures in Peru and the Galapagos Islands.
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To make note its always a good treat to meet up some of those special people you meet along the way in your travels.

Traveling is some times the key to finding things you don't find at home often. So in other words its nice to meet up with some really nice special people and enjoy the time.
So I meet up with Yadira and we go to a nice restaurant again and I enjoy my last Peru meal of Ceviche which I have grown to like the most and washed it down with a Nice glass of Inka Cola.

Afterwards later in day for a nice piece of cake at nice bakery in Miraflores that was highly recommended. A good sweet way to end a great trip.

I take a taxi back to airport later in early evening and the ride normally takes 45 minutes but took an hour and half to get to airport as it was Friday night. On the ride back I was thinking of positive thoughts of if i missed my flight, I might have to stay in Peru forever, lol.

Anyways I make my flight and fly home, VIA Air Canada. Back to Toronto, no problems in Customs. Or anything.

Then from there fly home to Thunder Bay.

Then I got home and started up this blogs you all read.

I Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs everyone. This is the most I have done for a long time.

Look forward to writing for you all again on my next adventures.

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