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Day 3 � Peru � April 26th2009


Wake up this fine morning and it�s a bit rough as I had a couple last night but its all good. Start day off with a fine breakfast of banana and bread. And juice. In the lobby I run into one guy who is on my Intrepid Travel group for Peru, this guy named Jacob from the Netherlands, who just landed the night before. A have a few words and then off for the day.

I meet up with Yadi again this morning for another fine adventure of Lima. Off to the main square of Lima to the Palace and the Catacombs and whole area. I will not mention names and just have my photos up for all explanations. Too many places to mention so I will just say we did the main portion of the city and it was totally amazing. I was so amazed at this city that it is now one of my favourite South American Cities.

I will include all things that I saw on this blog.


A good walk about and drive about of the city today. I am now almost and expert of Lima.


We stop for lunch in the touristy area of Lima to Padros chicken to try some good chicken.

What fine chicken it was, it was one of the best chicken meals I have had in a long long time. I am so glad I didn�t go to KFC Today as that would not been the same as this amazing fine dish.


Then its off for just a quiet day for rest of day and onto Day 4 of Lima Adventure.



Day 4thPeru � April 27th


Wake up today for  some fine breakfast of more bananas and apples.


Head out today for a bit with Yadira and head off walking in Miraflores to park area of views of the ocean.

See the great big sea restaurant and all the people surfing in the ocean. Head off around town and for lunch meet up with friends for a great lunch buffet at Barraco in the nicely developed area of Lima. One of the best sea food buffets I had in a long time and I greatly washed it down with some Inka cola.


From this later on I meet with my intrepid group for meeting group meeting at Hostal Pukara.

Group is made up of 8 people from various places, Netherlands, Australia, Usa and myself from Canada.

Names are Jacob, Ryan, Judy,  Steve and Heidi, Marlene and tour leader is Andres who is from Lima.


We give out payments to Andres and he does the most bizarre thing and examines each and every bill we give for any tears or rips or anything for counterfeit.

Different but I guess necessary. We then leave the hostal together and go on a bus to downtown for a dinner.

In a nice touristy area of lima near a square. I have a great chicken dish again with a Pisco sour and a Coca- Cola. Good mixture.

Everyone is great meals and we feel the trip is off to a good start from this night.

So far all is good. But soon I will tell you my friends the worst is yet to come, stay tuned for the drama, everyone, lol.

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hannah-lou says:
Lima sounds amazing, I cant wait to go to South America!!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2009
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Intrepid Travel Group
Intrepid Travel Group
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