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Air Canada Jazz - My first leg of my journey.

Peru Trip

Day 1: April 24 th 2009 Depart for Peru

Today is start of my 2ndSouth American adventure. I am off to Peru and journey around Peru for over 3 weeks and take in the diversity of the country. My starting point will be in the fine great city capital of Peru of Lima.

Wake up bright and early this morning to get my daily oatmeal for my great flight down past the equator.

Arriving at the airport, I check in at counter for Air Canada. The agent at the counter was surprised that someone from Thunder Bay was flying to Peru. He asked me if I was some type of Geologist type of person as he has never seen anyone go that far I guess. Too funny.

I board my Air Canada Jazz plane for my first leg of my trip.

Tom Cruise in Valkrie
Just getting to Toronto then sit there for layover then main flight to Lima.

On board Jazz I am offered a nice small bag of trail mix and a tiny glass of pop as my snack to which I gladly accepted as a very fine feast on route to Toronto.

Finally after and hour and a half I land in Toronto Pearson International for now I have about 3 and half wait till my next flight to Peru.

To pass the time at the airport, I go buy a cheese and ham sandwich in Terminal one at the counter near Star Bucks and a bottle of Coca-Cola to which I consume with great happiness. While enjoying my great feast, I am reading the news in the daily Globe and Mail. Probably the last time I will be reading and English language newspaper in the new few weeks. Before my leap into the world of latin america.

I make my way to the departure lounge for my international flight and buy a bag of cheezies to pass the remaining amount of time.

Hostal Pukara - My acoomodation in Lima, Peru.

Finally at about 230pm I board my Air Canada plane for Peru. I have an aisle seat, I would have preferred window, but I then get first picks of meals from the flight attendants. This plane has the personal screens to which I can choose from a large selection of movies and tv shows to watch.

For the duration of the flight I am able to catch up on some movies I haven�t seen. For duration of flight my meal was chicken and some veggies and a glass of coca-cola, a fine feast.

For the movies I watched, first I watch The Day the Earth Stood Still a flick with Keanu Reeves, nothing too exciting but decent entertainment.

Second movie I watched was Valkrie, a very fine movie with Tom Cruise in WWII. As he almost successfully killed Hitler, a really recommended watch I would say.

Flag for Peru. This is my way to educate everyone. Lets get familar with everyone's country's national flag.

Third movie I watched was Slumdog Millionaire, once again a masterpiece of a movie, however abit disturbing to how much hardship the main character endured. A movie I highly recommend everyone who reads my blog to go out and watch.

Finally around I think 930pm we land in Lima at the main Airport. Good airport very modern. Go through immigration like nothing and then to collect my bag and proceed through customs in which I feel I was on a gameshow. Where you give your custom form to the agent and you push a button to which either a red or green light comes on. I get the green light and walk through, no baggage check for me.

I enter the terminal and looked for my transfer, holding my name on a sign. I find my transfer and older gentlemen named Jose. Who greatly accepts and directs me to his car for my safe transfer to Hostal Pukara in Miraflores district of Lima.

Being a Friday night in Lima, roads are very busy and fast. For some people I know from north America would be abit disturbed by this area. But its not bad at all, just abit different. I myself am enjoying everyone moment of this. I realize now this is where I enjoy travel the most, where its abit different a bit more wild, it�s the best way to go. To embrace the experience and I feel way to confident in this. Perhaps I should feel scared or be uneasy, but I am not. Its almost as if I totally was meant to be here, Lima was my calling, perhaps.

We arrive to the Hostal Pukara about 45 minutes later and the present area is very nice and good. I leave car, pay my drive a fine trip and check in at the Pukara.

Hostal is simple, but not bad at all. Lobby is simple but has a computer for internet, a breakfast room and all your needs. My room is small but just room with bed and tv and its not bad. Then again I am not too picky, I could sleep on stone slap of nothing and still be happy about it.

So I just take it easy and go to my room and watch some music videos on MTV in Spanish and just go to bed. As tomorrow I start early in morning my adventure in Lima, with a special surprise.

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Lord_Mike says:
If I have a hard time, I sleep on the floor, too! Congrats on your feature!!!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2009
Vlindeke says:
I'll read your blog....... I'll be of to Peru in September. Have been to Lima before. Have a great day.
Posted on: May 31, 2009
aswold says:
We are entering our Peru blogs simultaneously! Good luck
Posted on: May 25, 2009
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Air Canada Jazz - My first leg of …
Air Canada Jazz - My first leg of…
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