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It had all started out as one of my crazy ideas. I was participating in an art show in Saeby, Denmark, and somehow had to get my sculptures over there. Shipping seemed the most logical way, but when I did the math, it turned out that driving to Denmark and hand-delivering them only cost a little bit more. And since we hadn't been to Denmark yet...


We left on wednesday evening and drove about 325km to Osnabrück, Germany, where we spent the night at an Ibis hotel, next to the Autobahn. In the morning, we drove on towards Hamburg. It took longer than expected, because of all the road work, but after we crossed the border and entered Denmark, we started making good time again.

Our first stop and taste of Denmark was the little town of Kolding.

Kolding City Hall
Since today was a holiday, it was very, very quiet. We parked near the Koldinghus and set off on foot, exploring the city center.

That didn't take very long.

Back in the car and on to Arhus, which was to be our base of operations for the next 2 nights.

Since it is Denmarks second biggest city, we were expecting some heavy traffic, but it seemed like all the Danes had packed up and moved out of the country for the weekend. We hardly saw any cars driving into town and quite easily made it to the Cabinn Hotel, where, after a little ordeal, we checked in.

After a 560km drive we felt the need to stretch our legs (we had walked around Kolding for less than an hour) and get a bite to eat.

Since the hotel was conveniently located next to the restaurant row of Aboulevarden, we had a look there first.

I guess the idea was to make it all look a bit futuristic and 'design', but it hadn't really worked. Especially since the little river smelled like a sewer. Dining outside was not an option. We walked along the water and checked out the restaurants, which were pretty much all Italian places. In the end, we settled for pizza and overpriced drinks at the one that looked coziest.

Afterwards, we walked around some more, saw the (few) sights the town had to offer and got some beer and cakes from a 7/11 before retiring to the hotel and a good night sleep.

Our first impression of Denmark wasn't all that great.

We were hoping it would get better.

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Kolding City Hall
Kolding City Hall
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