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colors for the corrals

My sister and I run 5K's together as a shared activity.  However, she is a serious runner and signed up to run her second half marathon, this one in Philadelphia only three hours from my place.

While I spent Saturday morning helping to paint dorm rooms, she drove the five hours from her house to mine.  We were able to leave Calvert County around 12:30.  The drive was supposed to take three hours; we ran into traffic a few times especially around toll booths.  After four hours we made it to our hotel.

We checked in and took our stuff to our room.  Megan had been unable to get a non-smoking room, but the smell was not too bad.  Plus she had bought an air freshener--apple cinnamon scent.

marathon sign
  The hotel staff was also very helpful; they offered to bring a fan up if "a wall of smoke hit us when we opened the door."

After leaving our bags in the room, we headed over to the convention center for the marathon expo.  The convention center was right across the street; we just had to walk a block to get past the expansion construction.  Megan picked up her race packet (a grey bag full of stuff) and then got moved up one corral since she had improved her time since her last race.  We wandered around for maybe a half hour, picking up a few samples and simply looking at some available goods.

We then took the shuttle over to the Pasta Warehouse.  This was a cool looking place.  We were offered a limited menu: spaghetti with three sauces options.  I got the meat sauce while Megan and Virginia--the other woman seated with us--had the marinara.  We chatted about the race and training (Virginia was actually a walker who does triathalons) and watched a magician who stopped by the table.  He did a card trick and a ball-and-cup one.

Done with dinner we headed back to the hotel.  I changed into my new swimsuit (only wore it once to sit on the beach) and headed down to the pool.  The water was cold!  So I sat in the hot tub for 15 minutes instead while Megan talked on the phone with our parents.  It was a spacious hot tub, big enough for me to pretend to paddle a stroke from one side to the next :)

Back upstairs we got ready for bed and turned in after making sure we had at least two alarms ready for the early morning wake-up.

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colors for the corrals
colors for the corrals
marathon sign
marathon sign
photo by: Ann_Hells