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A very long Wednesday, very long indeed. It involved friends' moving there stuff into my apartment, Doosan Bears baseball game, Korean BBQ, bar hopping, and killing time and alcohol to watch a soccer game starting at 4am in Hongdae. My day ended around 6am in the morning after getting out of a cab and grabbing the really drunk dude out of the backseat so he got home alright.

A think a few people woke up to the sound of a broken mirror where I live. I, like others sleeping at noon, woke up when my friends' huge mirror broke while the mover dude was moving their stuff. My friends are leaving for 3 months, so I agreed to let them store their stuff at my place. Now that I have their stuff, I'm living large and in charge. I'm kinda glad the mirror broke because it was huge and I have no idea where it would of gone in my place. It was funny how the mover and my friends argued over whose fault it was.

Once 4pm got around, I headed out to Sinchon to meet up friends. The plan was to go to the Doosan Bears vs Heroes game. Of course, by now a few people had been drinking. This face didn't matter since we were going to a baseball game. It's a long ride on the Line 2 from Sinchon to Sports Complex, but it's easy to zone out. Upon arrival you see the food vendors and you can't help but buy a Cass or two from them; it's easy to say "No" to people waving at you trying to sell chicken. The tickets are cheap, the thunder sticks and cheers are awesome, beer and food is delicious, and the game wasn't too bad considering the home team lost. I think it was like the beginning of the 2nd inning when everyone was completely s-faced, but we all made it last.

BBQ & Cabins
After the game ended, some of my friends and I were going to catch the Champions Final between Barcelona and Man. United. The problem was the game didn't start for like another 6-8 hours. Since a friend's cousin and her boo were visiting from out of town, we went to a familiar Korean BBQ place in Sinchon that is always good and cheap. Got drunk there, ate way too much of a great thing, and then headed out to kill more time. One highlight was this German dude downing an entire bottle of Soju in one shot. Crazy!

The group that could stay out to see the game and didn't have to catch a flight the next morning met up with other peeps at a place called Mike's Cabin. Interesting place and was set to be like a Canadian cabin playing club music, but an interesting bar nonetheless. Got drunk there, listened to conversations, and then headed to the place that would be showing the game: London Pub. I've been there a few times and it's good times. Had to kill like 2 hours before the game started, so got drunk again like everyone, played whatever games I could, and then found my seat to watch the game.

The game was interesting, but not as interesting as how rowdy everyone got. This shirtless Italian dude just was so happy and kept chatting me up while I was surrounded by die-hard Manchester fans (I was rooting for Barcelona by the way since I'm a Chelsea fan). As the game went on, the last surviving friends dwindled off because getting drunk, losing the buzz, and then getting drunk again and again can wear you down. Once my last friend decided to leave and the game was pretty much over after this Russian guy and I high-fived each other when Barcelona scored it's last goal and only 10 minutes was left, I headed out as well. Luckily I did because my friend was trashed.

Everything turned out alright. I came home to a broken toilet, swine flu free, and confused as to why I kept waking up at hour intervals.
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photo by: chiyeh