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manually-generated receipt from the grocery store

Unfortunately I won't be able to show any photos (I did not bring the digicam) except the receipt I got from a grocery with an old cashier, counter, machine -- whatever I do not know what they call it.

My mom had a short conversation with the old lady, I think she is the wife of the owner. They had that machine since 1940s, there was one time when a burglar came into their grocery, he tried to take the machine w/ him but it was too heavy for him to carry. So I guess they treat that thing as a lucky charm for their grocery. However, I don't like the set up of their store, it felt like i'm inside a storage room full of boxes (or bodega). There was no aircon nor e-fan, their lights were off, there were even cats sleeping and walking around inside. Another weird about their store, they were also selling holy water and bread/chalice, I thought only churches and stores selling religious/church items have that.

There are wide variety of stores in Aparri Market, there were booths selling cellphones and cards, hardware shops, wet and dry market and so on. I found one store mistaken it as SM because of their logo, when I closely looked at it, it was actually JM not SM.

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manually-generated receipt from th…
manually-generated receipt from t…
receipt from the grocery store
receipt from the grocery store
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