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The emptiness of Brisbane Airport International Terminal, awaiting the check in for my flight.
Finally, after so much planning and waiting, I was on my way through to Kuala Lumpur for a Chinese New Year celebration with my girlfriend, Felicia, and her family. For the sake of saving a couple of bucks (I can't remember how much, but it wasn't much), we caught an earlier JetStar flight to Brisbane from Townsville with a view to checking in to our Kuala Lumpur flight and then exploring around the city of Brisbane for the remainder of the afternoon before coming back to the airport... how wrong we were.

The volunteer worker at Brisbane airport kindly explained that there is no place in which to store our baggage, due to recently imposed security measures.
Not long now until check-in!
We also discovered that the check in for our KL flight wasn't until about 2 hours before the flight itself (about 5 hours from where I currently was), and so the sulking began about what a waste of a day it was.

Alternative Entertainment
After wandering around aimlessly dragging out luggage behind us, and only finding check in counters for various airlines, we decided we should head on through to the international terminal for a bit of a change of scenery. To get to the terminal, the quickest and most convenient way is to get on the train; just one stop away is the international terminal. This is pretty handy, as coming from a city with no train service whatsoever, the fact I could get a train within the airport was pretty nifty. The train costs a couple of dollars, and leaves every 15 - 30 minutes or so depending on the time of day.

Once we arrived at the international terminal we settled down and got a bite to eat. There's your typical airport fare of food available; Subway, Red Rooster, a sushi place, a smoothie bar, and some other generic cafes. There's also the odd store you can browse through while you're waiting. If you find yourself waiting for a few hours, my tip is to grab yourself one of the comfy brown/orange sofa chairs next to the escalators, box yourself in with your luggage and lay back and read a magazine or a book.

The terminal is very small, and it's impossible to get lost in here. There was a standard airport newsagent there, which had surprisingly good sales on Lonely Planet books. Seeing as I hadn't bought one yet for Malaysia, I picked myself up a copy. I found in the end this wasn't really worth it for the purposes of my trip, as I ended up staying with a 'local family' anyway, they knew already all the places I would want to see.

On the Plane
I caught a Malaysia Airlines flight to KL, and it was pretty comfortable to say the least. It was an overnight flight, and was comfortable enough. My tip on here is to get online early and reserve yourself a seat on the left or right sides, not in the middle (too cramped). On a long flight like this, it gives you a chance to be able to get up and stretch without hassling too many people, and in general feels more like a car rather than a tin can.

Oh, and as soon as those lights go out, don't sit up for an extra 2 hours watching the latest 'Mummy' movie on your in-flight; not only is the movie not very entertaining, you should be using this time for the little sleep you can get, as before I remember closing my eyes, the lights were back on and they were serving me breakfast!
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The emptiness of Brisbane Airport …
The emptiness of Brisbane Airport…
Not long now until check-in!
Not long now until check-in!
photo by: Mezmerized