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Today was our 'take it easy day', where we just sleep in and stay at home most of the day. Regardless we still had to get up at some point, and with me being in a foreign country I had to ask to go out somewhere I hadn't been before. Felicia was bugging me to get my hair cut, so she suggested a trip to Leisure Mall, near Cheras Mall to make it happen. Having never had my hair cut outside of Adelaide before, I was a little hesitant at first, but after all travelling is about taking chances even if the chance is with my hair...

Leisure Mall
The aptly titled Leisure Mall was the place where we went for our relaxation day, and wandered around this decently sized mall for a few hours just browsing clothes, electronics and other knick-knacks to pass away the time. Yes, I went into Speedy's once more to get another 100RM of DVD's, but I kept telling myself how cheap it was compared to Australia, so in my mind it was all justified. Also popped into a souvenier store "Chen Xi Enterprise" to get a couple of cheap gifts for the family back home.

For lunch we stopped in to Secret Recipe, which is pretty well known around SE Asia. I had some western food that I honestly can't remember, but it was alright. It mustn't have been fantastic if I can't remember it now, although I do remember Felica's laksa which smelled horrible to me. I do remember vividly the Oreo milkshake Felicia had, and how darn delicious it was. You know those Oero McFlurry's you get from McDonalds? Well imagine those, but more, and in liquid form. Mmmmmmmmmmmm....

Changing of the Locks
It was time I went in to get my haircut, and so we stopped in to Wood Saloon just on the outskirts of Leisure Mall to make it happen. I was reassured that the hairdressers had cut "western hair" many times before, which didn't really change anything from my perspective. I was getting my hair cut by a girl who couldn't understand what I wanted, and my only means of translation was my girlfriend, who at critical moments was either getting her hair dried or washed, and couldn't help me out! Nevertheless I came out the other end looking absolutely stunning if I do say so myself! No, but seriously I was quite happy with my new haircut, and was ready to go and hit the streets.

Back in Leisure Mall, we wondered around a little bit finding plenty of other places I could spend some money, but since we still had 10 days left (as well as Singapore) I decided it was best to leave it at that point in time and head back home for a quiet evening with the family. All in all, the Leisure Mall and the Cheras area is probably not a place where your run of the mill tourist will venture, but well worth it for a KL suburbian experience. Besides, you might even walk out of there with a 5-star haircut. Oh, and it might not be the only one in Malaysia, but you have to try Secret Recipe - well worth it just for the Oreo milkshake!
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