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Standing in front of Fireman resturant, you can see Kim Gary's
Cheras Mall
After the second breakfast, we ventured out to the relatively close Cheras Mall for a general look around at the shops. Coming from a place such as Australia, Cheras Mall was bustling with shops and it made you want to walk in 5 different directions at once. But I had to remind myself this was the first day of a 2 week trip, and spending al of my money now was not the way to go about things. I did buy myself that pair of sandals I needed since walking around in KL with socks and shoes wil get you hot pretty quickly and is not recommended; unless of course you're out hiking.

Lunch was served in the nearby Kim Gary restaurant (first time I heard it I thought it was Jim Carrey restaurant and was really excited until I got there and saw the sign).
The absolutely beautiful french toast in Kim Gary's
Note to everyone, do not get the pepper sauce in this place because it's disgusting. But to their credit everything else here was brilliant, especially the peanut butter french toast that was about 2 inches thick. They have about a billion little menus that you can order different things from, and you grab the ordering menu and tick the boxes of what you want matching up to the numbers in the menus. The menus are in English so it was pretty handy for me, although the staff are a mixed bag when it comes to speaking. They do their best, and with a little pointing it's not too difficult to order the food that you want.

Oh - before I left I dropped into Speedy's, the most common legitimate DVD store. These DVD's are all legal (i.e. not pirated) but they are still so cheap, at least compared to Australian prices.
And the rest of our delicious meal (except my pepper sauce which you can see on the left)
You can get new release DVD's for about 20RM, which is about $8AUD with the current exchange rate. I spent 100RM and walked away with 5 new release DVD's - pretty good I thought. And yes of course they are in Region 3, but if you can snag yourself an all region DVD player then it shouldn't be a problem. I picked up a Sony DVPNS508PS for $50AUD in a local electronics store - these are all-region and play DVD's from anywhere in the world, not just region 3's which is a benefit if you like to watch movies (and I do ^^).

Cheras Pasar Malam (Night Markets)
The night markets (pasar malam) are more a way of life for the Malaysians than most other places in the world. You will see numerous night markets across the KL streets, but one of the largest is the Cheras Pasar Malam.
Just a few of the thousands of people at the Cheras Night Markets
If you get a chance to go I highly suggest it, purely for the fun of being stuck in a bunch of people all pushing to go nowhere in particular. I am not sure of the exact location, so if you want to go then best ask a local.

Speaking of locals, still being in Kajang there was barely a foreigner in sight, and I think I was the only white male walking through, or should I say pushing through. The markets are narrow and crowded and there is no order to anything. My advice to anyone who goes there, take some money, be prepared to haggle for what you want, and for goodness sake keep a close hold of your valuables. There's people bumping into you every 2 seconds, and so long as you're not the most impatient person in the world, you get used to it. The problem there is that if you stop noticing people pushing you, you will not notice the shady guy who reaches in and takes your wallet.
Some of the wares for sale at the night markets
So be vigilant!

I didn't buy much here, but I could have easily walked away with a fair amount of items if I hadn't controlled myself. If you're with a local (and I was with my darling girlfriend Felicia, who grew up here), then you find that you're not hassled as much because you have more or less integrated with them. If you are clearly a tourist, then they will try their hardest to bargain with you.

One thing I did get there however was some delicious little cake-like things on a stick, that are shaped like cartoon characters. They go down a treat, and you have to eat them while they are hot. It was only about $1.50AUS for a bag of 6, and well worth it, too!

Oh, and if you're driving here then be prepared to wait a lot. Car parks are almost impossible unless you get there early or are extremely lucky.
Trying to find a car park at the night markets
I went by car, found myself lucky, and even then had to walk 10 minutes to get to the markets. There is literally thousands of people there in an area no wider than a side street. But well worth the travel for the sheer experience!

To summarise for those who don't want to read my ramblings:
- Buy your DVD's at Speedys and get yourself an all region player cheap in Malaysia!
- Cheras shopping mall is large and in charge, and has a lot of things to keep you entertained shopping wise, plus a good food court and stalls all around, as well as a good selection of restaurants.
- Kim Gary's is really worth it, on the second floor on the outdoor mall, almost directly opposite the red cow statue with white crosses (yeah, serious). You know you're in the right place when you see a Fireman restaurant. Look directly across from it and you will see Kim Gary's.
- Cheras Night Markets are a treat if you want some cheap souveniers, pirate DVD's, delicious snacks and a good local atmosphere; just watch your valuables!
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Standing in front of Fireman restu…
Standing in front of Fireman rest…
The absolutely beautiful french to…
The absolutely beautiful french t…
And the rest of our delicious meal…
And the rest of our delicious mea…
Just a few of the thousands of peo…
Just a few of the thousands of pe…
Some of the wares for sale at the …
Some of the wares for sale at the…
Trying to find a car park at the n…
Trying to find a car park at the …
Little cartoon cakes from the mark…
Little cartoon cakes from the mar…
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