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So we arrived in Paris after midnight last night.  We had a flight from Krakow via Frankfurt on Lufthansa.  We arrived at the Krakow airport with plenty of time to spare and partly cloudy skies.  Within 10 minutes of getting inside we heard a horrid noise descend on the airport and looked outside to see hail and rain pounding on the tin roof of the airport!!

The weather system delayed our incoming plane and pushed our takeoff back 30 minutes.  I was chatting with Tom on my blackberry using him as a travel agent to find out what other flights we could take to get to Paris or even trains because we would miss our connection in Frankfurt if we left 30 minutes late!  Unfortunately there were no later flights or trains so I just tried to push the rising panic aside and make the best of whatever was to come.  As soon as we touched down in Frankfurt I whipped out the cell phone and checked the Lufthansa website to see if our flight to Paris was also delayed and thankfully it was 30 minutes delayed!!  We had just enough time to get to the gate that we needed to and catch our breath before boarding.  The storm system had affected the entire area in europe.  We even held our plane for 10 minutes while some people ran from a flight that just came in from Russia.

We landed in Paris and after drama with the hotel bus we finally got checked in and to bed by 1 am.  We are staying at the Paris Hilton near Charles de Gaulle Airport.  I offered the class a prize for the best Paris Hilton joke but this group didnt take me up on it.  The class of 2009 would have been all over that :)

We got to sleep in and class started at 10 am this morning which was very nice!  I got alot of work done sitting in the back of the classroom today and have more time to get things done on thursday so that when Friday morning hits I will officially start my 10 days of vacation!!

Mom arrives in the morning so I am just going to stay close to the hotel tonight - swim in the pool and order room service and turn in early again.

-Quarantine Update-

So Tom said it is less like a chalet and more like a Knights Inn and very similar to what he would think of prison.  they get food 3x a day and arent supposed to socialize with the other 3 people in the apartment but they just closed all the blinds and chill in the living room.  He is feeling fine and they should be released on thursday.  Hopefully they will be able to continue to Beijing as planned.

au revoir mes amis (good bye my friends)

K_Strizzle says:
So glad Tom is ok!
And as for flight issues, you should have called me. I could just ask one of my buddies/kinsmen in the Luftwaffe to give ya a ride.
OK, I know that's not very funny. Oh well. If you need a smile, you can always imagine me in my Paris Hilton costume. Can't wait to have you back!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2009
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