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picture of the schloss next to the main town square promenade. Beautiful sunset
So we arrived in Stuttgart on Tuesday night with a little bit of drama about the trains but we all made it and walked through the park, less then a half mile to the hotel.  My boss told everyone to settle in then meet about 9 pm in the Biergarten across the street.  It was really nice to hang out with everyone in such a relaxed setting.  Quite a few of the people in this class do not drink so it wasnt a big party, just a nice quiet evening.  The weather is beautiful, sunny until about 9:15 pm.  mid 70's with a nice breeze.  For those not familiar with biergarten (pronounced beer-garden) its a place of food and drinking beer (duh!).
all the people gather on the promenade and just chill in the square. They even make special areas for people to sit on the steps so they leave room for others to walk...german efficiency
  It originated when the monks first brewed beer and would store the barrels under big trees to keep them cool in the shade.  I guess someone had the brilliant idea of adding picnic tables next to the kegs and bringing food soon followed.  You go up to the window and choose your dinner (I had weiner schnitzel and frites) and a HUGE mug of Radler (half beer half lemon tonic soda).  6 of us stayed until about midnight when they kicked us out.  Totally worth staying up so late for the great comraderie but it was a tough morning for us all the next day.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we have been in meetings all day and unfortunately we had several hours of bus travel each day to get to our site visits in the nearby area so I have not had alot of time on the internet.
China Garden restaurant menu
  We visited a pharmaceutical distribution center (ANZAG) who specalizes in short time deliveries.  In Germany you go to the pharmacy and give them your prescription and they say come back in 1.5 hours.  they place an order with ANZAG electronically and then they fill the order at their distrubution center and send a small delivery van to the pharmacy within an hour.  Its a huge operation as you might imagine and it has alot of government subsidizations.  They only work with small, family owned pharmacies and the company places a big emphasis on family.  Today we visited the Daimler Mercedes Benz parts distribution center and the class was REALLY impressed with their facilities.  Alot of it was over my head because I am not familiar with this field, but apparently they have applied every aspect of six sigma and lean logistics at this facility.
decorated in fake flowers but cute!
  They had TONS of automation and their facility is so big that they dont have a/c or anything.  It takes 3 days for the outside temperature to affect the inside of the building so they just go with the natural weather patterns from 3 days ago!

Thursday night Rachel and I went out for dinner in the town square area.  We passed by the schloss (castle) and I took a picture.  We were tired of local food so we found a little chinese place upstairs called China Garden.  It was decorated with lots of plastic flowers and shrubbery, reminding me of the foliage in munchkin city in the wizard of oz.  We split some eggrolls, dumplings, and sweet and sour chicken and had a nice relaxing dinner.

I have also been enjoying the spa here every day.  I brought my swimsuit so I go down to the pool in my robe and slippers they provide, using the special spa elevator so you dont have to walk through the hotel undressed.  The pool is in a basement/grotto area.  After swimming a few laps I entered the sauna room which has a steam/vapor room, a 70 degree dry sauna, a 90 degree dry sauna, and an infrared sauna.  I liked the vapor room and the 90 degree dry sauna the best.  After sitting in a room for about 10 minutes you walk out and they have a pedastal filled with ice shavings.  You grab handfuls of ice and briskly rub them all over to cool your skin - the idea being that you sweat out all the toxins in the sauna and then shut your pores with the ice.  After that you rinse in a nearby shower and then repeat the whole process a few times.  She said in the winter it is traditional that you go jump in the snow after the sauna but since they dont have snow they provide the ice.  Its really a cool idea and a very relaxing way to spend an hour working out, swimming, and sauna.  They also have a solarium (tanning bad) and massages, etc but I did not care to spend the money to partake on those extras.

We finished about 4 pm today and being very tired I took a 3 hour nap, made my apologies for not going to dinner with the group, answered emails, ordered room service and packed.  I leave in the morning for Krakow where we will be staying until Tuesday afternoon.  The weather looks to be 50-60 and raining the entire time we are there so hopefully that wont dampen our tourist spirits.  I plan on doing shopping, seeing some castles and churches, and maybe taking a trip to see the salt mines.

Should have more time to make another entry on Sunday about my weekend touring Krakow.



PS I talked to Tom in Singapore and one of his classmates has H1N1 so as soon as they get back from a weekend in Hong Kong the entire class is being quarantined.  Their classes for next week are cancelled and they are supposed  to move to Beijing for the next 5 weeks next weekend so hopefully that wont be cancelled and no one else will get sick.  Tom said he is feeling totally fine but keep him and his classmates in your thoughts and prayers.
K_Strizzle says:
Oh man, what wouldn't I do for an evening in a beer garden?
That's crazy about Tom and his classmate! Keep us updated, and I'll keep him in my prayers! :(
Posted on: Jun 22, 2009
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picture of the schloss next to the…
picture of the schloss next to th…
all the people gather on the prome…
all the people gather on the prom…
China Garden restaurant menu
China Garden restaurant menu
decorated in fake flowers but cute!
decorated in fake flowers but cute!
photo by: lapostol77