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This is the bording card from SHA-->MNL that Cebu Pacific stole from me! Next time i will wait untill u pronounce my name correctly jerks! ahahha
We came in the early morning from Shanghai to Manila, just to catch here another flight to Taipei. We had only 7 hours between flights, so it was obvious we had to get out of the airport (which is the coldest one i guess, coz the aircon settings create the climate inside the terminal 3 on the Antarctis level rather than any tropical island). We were looking for some lockers or luggage storage for our bags, but no. They don't have it. Fortunately we could check-in in advance so that we left the airport for the virgin discovery ride to Manila.
I'm sorry to say it, but it's horrible place. If u come to Phil. dont stay there, keep moving to real Philippines and go to the provinces.
First of all the trafic is gonna kill u. Even short ride can take ages.
We had no clue what we could do in few hours, so we just rode the metro (LRT) to central and back, walked around the Baclaran market and tryed to get back to airport. We took the jeepney, which was fun at the beginning, when u pass others passangers money to the driver, ppl call 'para' for making the jeepney stop and so on. But then the stupid driver didnt told us, that we have to get off and catch another one to the airport, so we ended totally lost in some part of Paranaque or who knows where it was - with no idea where we are. We took another jeepney back, and tryed as hard as possible to not miss our flight. Finally and barely we arrived to the Cebu Pacific terminal.
RJ didnt wear his hat that day... he was trying to look like a philippino and not as a tourist, but walking with the white guy around didnt make his job easy;) 
Then we got to the airport and here started Cebu Pacific to harras us.
As just a transit passagers we havent had to pay the idiotic airport fee, but all the ppl there tryed as hard as i never saw to make us pay this fee. It seemed like they didnt know what to do with us (and im sure there are more transit passangers every day there than just us two). We wnet from one lady to another, visiting several counters, getting tons of prints attached to our bording cards and finally we could get to the gate... but dont even think it was the end of the story with airport fee. They called RJ to get again to the counter (my name was to difficult for them to pronounce so they didnt even tryed - lucky them i was with RJ, but next time i will wait untill the jerks will call me by my name ;) they took our bording passes from the previous flight, and the excuse was "we need a proof, that u have been on transit on the same date" - such idiots! U have all data u need in ur own systems, the records that we came to Phil. are all around the airport (probably even on newspapers - regarding how many times we had to fill tons of different forms with the same infos, like names and flight numbers and so on, and how many times we got checked that day).
So this was the first impression of Philippines... not a good one, but as u will see, it turned out on my second visit there next week:)

neilstrauss23 says:
btw im spanish!
Posted on: Jul 09, 2009
neilstrauss23 says:
hmm, when i was in Manila Airport i just queue in the foreigner passport and then i was out!! fast!!! dont know why it happen to you that one:... maybe next time no!
Posted on: Jul 09, 2009
iodized_96 says:
They said Manila is quite a chaotic place but once you go out of the city you'll discover the warm hospitality and friendliness of the people from the province. :)
Posted on: Jun 22, 2009
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This is the bording card from SHA-…
This is the bording card from SHA…
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