Amazing Australia Trip Day 9 ~ 16/4 Grampians National Park, Warrook Cattle Farm & Phillip Island

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 9

16/4 Grampians National Park, Animals day at Warrook Cattle Farm & Phillip Island

We had a very tight schedule again as we need to drive for 4 hours to the farm and Phillip Island to have an animals day!!!  We got up at 6am and use 30 minutes to check out and went to hike a bit to check up the lookout in the national park.  The sky was still dark when we left the hostel and we needed to drive like 30 minutes to the lookout and luckily the sun rose a bit when the time we arrived otherwise, we couldn't see clearly.

Reed Lookout on the early morning...the sun didn't really go up actually
.  Perhaps, we had checked up the Brooke lookout already, so less wow noise made this time!!

We so cold that we couldn't really stand long

Then we wanted to go to the place called "Balcony" which should be 0.5km away from the "Reed Lookout".  we walked quite long and we still didn't find it. Marie said we missed it and we went back..she thought this one was a Balcony, buy I was not very sure as it's much lessr than 0.


Anyway, we didn't have much time so just persuade ourselves that was the "Balcony"!

This picture was interesting...we had already wore a lot of clothes but we all still felt so cold!!

After the hiking, we went back to the town for a quick breakfast
  We're the first customer of the shop!!!  It's great that we kept everything on schedule!!! This bread tasted so good, perhaps, it's the best bread I ate in Australia!!  The hot chocolate I drank was great too!!

When you are driving in Australia especially at night, you have to be very careful as there are plenty of wildlife will jump off to the road suddenly!! The Kangaroo is still jumping suddenly evern n the early morning!

so cute..Big and small Kangaroo family!!

Wind wheels...I really like the environmental friendly idea!!

No idea wh
y there is a syringes box for people to dispose in the toilet!!! Who need it?? Is that many people need it for medical purpose or just for drugs abusers?? I have no idea!!

After almost 3 hours driving, we passed over the Melbourne city is too small...yes...This is the Melbourne city!!  It's really small!!

We're on the way to the farm through a very busy highway!! It's so stupid in Australia that we needed to pay for crossing a tunnel with an automatic payment account and no cashier on the entrance for manual paying!!!! Since we didn't have the automatic payment account, we need to call to the customer services center and gave our credit card details for paying it!!! It's just so inconvenient to tourists!!!!

Finally, we arrived the Warrook Cattle Farm, they have a small souvenir shop and restaurant attached to the farm.  We only needed to pay AUD$45 each, then we could  have a nice homemade lunch and 1.5 farm tour!!! It's quite cheap, isn't it?

We're quite hungry after a long drive and it'll be the first proper lunch for us in Victoria!!

We just couldn't believe the lunch included 2 bottles of wine!!! However, we prefer to have some water instead as we're not alcoholic!! Also, Marie needed to drive, she couldn't drink much!!

Homemade bread!!!

My lunch set~~ Chicken and beef!
  It's funny that when the waitress just greeted me at the beginning, I spoke quite fast and forget to answer her question and she thought I didn't understand English. As a result, she asked me if I wanted to have chicken or beef, she used the noise to describe it!!!!! So funny!!

After finishing our lunch, we took this truck to visit the farm!

The dog was sparkling at the beginning and I was quite scared of him, but then he became very quiet and came close to us and invited us to touch him!!
  So, I touched him!!!!!!Yeah!!!!  It's my first time to touch a dog!!! Unbelievable!!!  I was so scared of dogs in Hong Kong, it's great that I could handle my fear!!!!!

The little sheep look
ed so silly and cute!!!  They are so obedient as well, the dog can control them
so well!

It's my first time to
touch the sheep too, their hairs are so soft!!

They look so lost!!!迷�"的小�"羊??

Then we went to see sheep shearing which is a terrible process!I thought we should try to shear them but after seeing the demonstration from this guy, I know I don't have this big energy to handle the sheep and I may hurt them!!

The hair
s of them are quite oily!!

Little baby sheep!!! Too cute!!

I've so many first time done in the farm.  It's my girst time to milk the cow, the feeling was so strange and I couldn't really squeeze any at all...I was just afraid of hurting them!!!  Yes..I know I'm silly!!

Carina and Marie squeezed some milk successfully and let me try!!The milk
was so fresh and still warm!!  Again, it's my first time to drink that fresh milk!!!

They look so silly!!

After milking the cows, I return them some milk to the baby cow too!!!!  It's a so funny process and this cow was so greedy, he drank a lot!!

Cow, you drank too much already, I should feed other little hungry cow!!

The little goat!!

After leaving the farm, we drove directly to Phillip Island, it's quite close from the farm, I think less than an hour.  We bought a 3 parks pass plus and the first park we went is that Koala Conservation Centre, we expected we could able to hug the Koala here, but it didn't happen!!

Oh~~Koala, I don't know you are lonely baby!!

But you are so lazy!!just hold the tree and sleep for a whole day~~
you get the Australia relaxing style...I wish I could be you!!

A cool pose of Marie and me~~

This is the closest distant between me and Koala.

This kid is cute...
I talked to him a bit and asked him be quiet while the Koala was just so close to us and he looked at me, so i took his picture!!


Then we went to the second park - Churchill's also a small farm, but we found it nothing special after visiting the Warrook Cattle Farm

Some different sheeps!

The girl
lived in the Churchill by visiting her s grandma.  She was so familiar with the animals here, so he introduced the animals with their names to us!!! Cute!


Then it's our Victoria highlight Little penguins parade!!!! We had heard that watching the little penguins were so cold as we needed to stand close to the ocean, so we're well prepared for it!!!  You see!!

As we can't take pictures there, so only can show you show you some postcard!!
  They're so cute, we could watch these little fat penguins so close..........

The 3 Parks Pass provided the hot drink for us's sweet!!!  Actually, I won't suggest you to buy the 3 Parks Pass, just buy the tickets to the penguins show is good!!!  As the little penguins are so sensitive to the light, so we couldn't use camera there after this point!!

After the penguins show, we drove to our hostel.  Guess what??  There was no staff there, I booked it online, so they got my information, the staff just leave a note on the front desk and we did our DIY check in~~~After settle down, we're starving again, so we drove to the town to see if there is any restaurant nearby as I thought Phillip Island was a big tourist sport, so they must have some restaurants.  However, we could only find one restaurant still open in town at 8pm something!!

We had a Mexican dinner at the time the Swine Flu wasn't on news yet!!

is rice is only so so ~~

This Chips are delicious!!

The Salad!!

so much cheese!!

I'll say it's the best dinner in Australia!!!!

Obviously, we ordered so much that we couldn't finish it, so we need to take away!!!It's interesting you need to sign a paper to confirm that if you take away the good, the restaurant won't take care of your health. They're so careful to protect themseleves!

After the dinner, we went back to the hostel, the friend of the hostel boss was here, as we need to leave so early tomorrow for skydiving, we needed to check out so early, so we gave the money to her and go back to sleep!!  It's crazy that our bedroom was just next to the snooker room.  There are other guests playing the snookers and made a loud noise!!!  It's so annoying that I couldn't stand to ask them keep quiet.  I know they must think we're boring girls that go to bed so early!!!  Sorry guys, no matter what you think, we need to wake up at 6am again for skydiving tomorrow!!!

They still made some noise after my bad!!   We're glad that we did everything we wanted to do today.....good schedule!!!!  Actually, I don't really made schedule for my traveling, i like free traveling style but we just missed up so many things at the first day by Hertz and we really want to make the skydiving done!!

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Phillip Island
photo by: monkeymia79