Amazing Australia Trip Day 8 ~ 15/4 Warrnambool , Port Fairy, Grampians National Park

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 8

15/4 Warrnambool , Port Fairy, Grampians National Park

I got a really good sleep last night in this nice guest house.  Marie told me there was heavy rain in the early morning, but I had totally no idea for it!!

Can you believe it? We lived half of this house last night and it was only cheap..That house can
accomodate 8 people to sleep in a bed. A big sofa and plenty of floor spaces provided too!!!

Our car was just parked next to the garden of our house!!! Yes..we had a garden!!.

Warrnambool city from
the balcony of our house.

Our first destination
was Hertz..I called Hertz yesterday and they promised to change  a new Never Lost to us and waive the rental fee for yesterday.  This Hertz office is so small and smelly!!!

We're quite hungry and would like to find a place to eat and we saw a tourist spot in Thunder Point was nearby which we thought we could find some restaurant here.

  However, we could only find a beautiful ocean with
big wave as well as the windy and cold weather!!

it's just too cold and we're so hungry that we couldn't stay here for long!!

We want to try some Drive Thru but this chicken restaurant provides meat only and Marie is vegetarian, so we needed to find another restaurant

We're quite bored with th
is kind of cakes and pies in Australia!!

We missed the food in Hong Kong so much...After spending a week in Australia, we finally can have some hot
food for breakfast!! It's a brunch actually!!

Then we went to the supermarket to buy some food for tonight dinner and the snacks for our 4 hours driving!!!

The candies in Australia aren't very nice in comparing to Hong Kong one..

After buying the food, we went to Logans Beach which is the a major beach for whale watching in Warrnambool  before we left.   If you want to watch the whale,  you need a good sight and some luck o for it.  Of course, we didn't have this luck to meet any cute whale!!

The boss of our last night guesthouse suggested we to go to the Port Fairy and told us that it's the third beautiful place in Australia, so we drove to an hour to the Port Fairy before going to Grampains.

The street in Port Fairy, small town and peaceful.  I like the name of "Port Fairy".  It's just a beautiful name!

Kungfu Kitchen???

This is the Port Fairy, we're quite disappointed for it, I didn't know why the boss recommended us to here, it's just not so really attractive!!

We just spent most of our time in the Battery Hill at Port Fairy and took many silly pictures!!

Jumping girls!!

I love this series of photos
, Marie and me were just like strangers passing over each other!!  We didn't know Michelle take these pictures!!

Famous cannons here but I think they just like the cannon in Macau

So bad's raining

After spending a lot of time in Port Fairy, we started our road trip to Grampians and it's our first time to meet Kangaroo on the way!!  Marie told me the Kangaroo could hurt us, so we didn't make any eyes contact with him!!  However, I found him watching me, so we made a eye contact, so we needed to leave immediately!!

nobody at all in this lookout!!

Then we reached Dunkled, a small near the Grampians National Park,  we just stayed here and look for an information center. Take a break of course!!

It's great that Australian display everything on the sign!! It means the public toilet is located in 100m

The guides from Information Center which are very useful

This little house is cute!!
  It's just like a lego house, I really want to visit it!!

Sweet picture
..I like this tree!

The road in Australia is just too straight, Marie told us she tried to close her eyes when she was driving!!

wasn't the highest speed!! The highest is 160m/hr!!

I think this is the mountain from Grampians
as the shape is so special  but we had no idea!!

Kangaroo is in next 64km!!
  The special road sign that can only be found in Australia!!

Grampians National Park is one of the most outstanding park in Victoria where are full of beautiful mountains and unique rock. So bad that we didn't have enough time to hike for 2-3 hours. We arrived quite late that we could only did less than an hour hiking in the evening

|It's called Boroka Lookout~~Marie said it's just like a painting...and we all agreed!!  When couldn't stop but making the '' noise so much as it's so beautiful...I wasn't good in photo taking, the real scene is much better than the photos!!!  We're like owning a big piece of land under our feet!!

Hiking to the MacKenzie Falls...We are so silly to walk half and then thought we were on a wrong route and went back
to the start point. Finally, we realized that we were walking a right track to the top of the Falls, so we went back again!!  Oh...we're just wasting energy and our time...

The top view of MacKenzie Falls..I think it's just too far away
and the view wasn't so we decided to walk to the base

The track to the base of MacKenzie Falls is hard as there contained many deep step!!! The view is just like so so...The Russell Falls in Tasmania is much better

When we're walking back, the sun was gone and it's almost dark...quite scary that we would get lost
and we needed to walk a lot of steps up!!

Then we went to out hostel.  We stayed in a very nice YHA Hostel in Halls Gap area!! Very cheap, comfortable, beautiful and environmental friendly!! I wish we could stay longer here!! This is the reception, the staff was nice and helpful. I gave him my registration email print out paper, then he asked me if I need the paper, otherwise he would recycle the paper!! Wow..super environmental friendly!! I love it!!

is is the corridor!!  There was a world map with many pins on hanging on the wall.  It means that there were many people around the world stayed in this hostel before!!

A nice and comfortable TV room there!!

This is our 4-bed dorm!!! It's great to travel in a 4 people group, so that we always can occupy a whole room!!!
  AUD $30 each, it's quite cheap to live in this clean and nice hostel! 

As we walked quite fast in the MacKenzie Falls, it's my first time to sweat in Victoria...I felt myself smelly!!! haha...and our room got a big window door and we could go to the back yard directly!!

Carina and Marie were the cooking mama for us
while Michelle and me were taking shower!!

Michelle and me after the shower continued the cooking job!

Plenty of knifes here!!
  They provided a full set of cooking appliances..nice!!

Oh...yes..too bad that we needed to eat
instant noodle here....don't expect you can find a nice restaurant in rural areas

The guests in the hostel could store they food here!

Water saving guideline!!

These recycle boxes are cool!!! The green is designated to the worms which included some egg shells, tea bags. The yellow one is designated to the chickens which included any left over food!!
  I appreciate what the hostel do, they just try to take all step to protect our environment!!

Thanks Carina and Marie to prepare the dinner for us...this is the dining room

It's our dinner!! 

I've to do my first laundry here and go to sleep early for tomorrow tight schedule again!!!  Living in YHA is always quality guaranteed!!!  You can always find cheap and clean accommodation, laundry and internet facilities are always available!!  I love it!!!

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