Amazing Australia Trip Day 7 ~ 14/4 Great Ocean Road Adventure (From Geelong to Warrnambool )

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 7

14/4  Great Ocean Road Adventure (From Geelong to Warrnambool )

We planned to go get our car at 8am and did our skydiving at 10am.  So, we needed to get up at 6:30am and had a breakfast at 7am and leave the hostel at really tight schedule!!!  Marie, Carina and me were so excited for the skydiving!!!

The kitchen in the hostel was big and clean, and we could use the food there to make our DIY breakfast!!

My breakfast!!
I had this kind of breakfast like everyday in Australia!!!  We thought the black jam was chocolate but in fact it's a special jam in Australia. It's salty!!! So weird and I couldn't eat at all, sorry that I need to throw you away!!

Walking in the street on the morning to pick up our car from Hertz

China Town

A church on our way to Hertz

Some modern and artistic buildings.

The traffic was already quite busy already in early morning!!

They got a lane dedicated for bicycle between 7 and 9am!! So cool!!
  Many people are riding bicycles to go to school/work, they must be so healthy.  I wish we could have one in Hong Kong!!!

We arrived Hertz, the car rental company on time but we still needed to wait for a short queue to do some registration stuff for quite a long time.  Yes, the queue was short but the working style of Australian was slow!!!!!!  The man served us speaking really slow and we almost spent an hour to complete the registration and went down to the carpark to pick up our car.  Since Marie was the only one who could drive and she was used to drive the manual car in England and actually she had reserved a manual car online  Guess what???  When we came to the carpark, the staff told us there was no manual car available yet and he didn't know when would they have the manual car!!!  As it's Marie first time to drive outside England and she never drove with the automatic one, she was so scared and we needed to return our hostel room before 10am.  The time was so limited, we supposed to get a car and then drove to the hotel to check out.  The plan had to change!!!  Michelle and me went to the hostel to check out and Carina stayed with Marie to negotiate with Hertz.  Luckily, they finally found a manual car for us and we checked out our room on time.  However, we're late for the skydiving already.  It's already 10 am when we left our hostel and I called the skydiving company and asked them if they could postpone our schedule, but she told us that the weather was too windy that we couldn't skydive anymore!!!

We're so frustrated for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Damn Hertz!!

The carpar in Hertz.  I really don't understand why this big  international car rental company could commit that big error!!!

We rent a GPS from Hertz too but it didn't work well in the city, so I become the human GPS to navigate our car!!  Actually, I wasn't very good in reading map!!!

The GPS worked for a while in the highway..then it didn't work anymore!!  I gave the new advertising slogan to it!! "Never Lost" never works and always loose!

I miss the chips in Australia!!! It tastes so good!!

The first city we stopped in Great Ocean road - Torquay!!!  It's a Surf City!! There was a surfing competition on that day we arrived!! So that we couldn't go to the beautiful and famous Bell Beach

Beach in Ange
lsea....a very beautiful name

I like this picture of me quite well!!

Kind of romantic scene.....Romantic is not necessary for couples only!!

There are many people surfing here, I wish I could surf too!!

A cute kid at the beach, we're chatting with her mom and she advised us some good places to go!!  Poor the GPS machine, it didn't work at all, we had no way to find those place out!!

Since the "NeverLost" never worked!!  We just drove with the signs on road and stopped in the mid way!!  The ocean here was so attractive!!!!

We saw a road sign direct us to this beautiful Lighthouse, so we just drove to there!!!!  What a surprise that we saw a beautiful scene and spent quite a long time in this unknown place.!!

I really love here!!!  Blue sky and sea and big relax!!! 

We took a lot of pictures here.  I'd say we spent over time here which led a long drive at dark tonight!!


Dogs are so quiet and obedient. I don't know why I wasn't afraid of them anymore in Australia

We decided to stop in this coffee shop at the lighthouse to take a break!

We had such a relax time for a drink
as our drinks came so slow.......This is Australian style......

My camera....

This bird is cute...It didn't scare of human at all and
just stood still and shook its head for us!! It just like a professional model

Other relaxing birds

First Koala we met in our trip...He got an Australian style...relaxing and doing nothing!! Sleeping all day long!!

It's so hard for Marie driving a whole day alone, we tried to do all things to make her comfortable and awake!!  For example, I'd give her some candies, chips and water from time to time.  I know it's so bad for a driver to drive alone while the passengers are sleeping.  So, we agreed not to sleep for whole trip to support Marie.  I took some pictures around to wake myself up, but Michelle
broke our agreement and fell asleep so easily!!

We saw a road sign to go to Otway National Park where we can try the fly tree top walk.  However, we just didn't find the park for driving too long, then we stopped in the shop here to ask for direction, and the staff said, we already passed it!!!!!  We had totally no idea how did it work!!!!  We didn't see any direction sign to lead us to the National Park on the way!!!!!!!  I hate Hertz!!!!!! You ruined our trip!!!

The whole Great Ocean Road was built along the coast and it's quite hard to build and spent a long time to complete it, so there was a memorial stone built on road for the road where most tourists will stop there to take a photo with the stone.  Again, we passed it and without stop for that photo shooting spot!!!  We just told ourselves that well it was just a stone, it's good enough for us to drive through the road already.  However, just opposite the shop, we saw this stone stood here to provide some information of Great Ocean Road, so we took a picture here and assumed that was the memorial stone!!

As we were on the way finding the Otway National park that we're driving in a Jungle that we couldn't see the ocean anymore for quite a long time.  We're quite frustrated that we missed most of the spots and planned to go back on the next day when we change for a new GPS.  So we was supposed to drive to the Warrnambool where we book a guest house there directly.  We saw a big crowd on our way, so we just stopped there to see what's on.  Guess what???  It's the Twelve Apostles!!!!  I thought we'd miss it!!!!  I couldn't believe we would suddenly arrive here!!!  Thanks God!!! It's very beautiful, I wish we could come here earlier!!! So bad that Never Work GPS!!!!!

It's so cold and windy!!! It's just like Typhoon No10........
When we left here, it's completely dark already.  Guess what???  We couldn't find our car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We 4 girls just couldn't remember where our car parked!!!!!  hahah...I know it's too silly, we got a torch but we left it on the car and we took our mobile phone out and hopefully can bring us some night.  Of course, the surrounding was too dark and our phone was totally useless.  Luckily, after spending sometime, we finally found our car!!!!  I couldn't imagine what if we didn't find our car and there was no food no shelter in this cold region!!!  We might die!!!!

We're still in trouble even we could get our car as there was completely dark and no road sign at all!!!!  We had no idea how to go to the guesthouse at all.  So I had nothing to do but prayed in my heart and the miracle thing happened!!!  Michelle was the one create the miracle, she suddenly found a way to turn on the GPS successfully!!!!  Wow...that's amazing!!!  Thanks God!!!!  We even didn't see a turn when the GPS told us "Turn Left".  We're pretty sure we'd get suck in the road without this GPS and we would waste our money for the beautiful guesthouse we booked!!!  Finally we arrived our guesthouse at 8:30...the boss was so nice that to go out to pick us up and I called him for several times already as we're late!!!

We're so happy to arrive the guesthouse as it's really a dream house of us!!!  We just Wow Wow Wow...all the time!!

It's Marie room, she got a super big suitcase. The boss of the guest househelped her to take her suitcase up to the house and he said that was the heaviest suitcase
in Australia!!

It's a common bathroom..very spacious
and neat!!

A stair up to have another 2 rooms

was my room....yeah...I could sleep in an queen size bed and have a facial relaxing. I love the pitch roof!!!

Nice small private bathroom
in my bedroom!!

I got a
small changing room attached in my room too!! I wish I could have this house in HK so I could have so much space to store my clothes and shoes!!!!

Michelle and Carina were sleeping on another bedroom~

We got
a fireplace again but this one wasn't burnt by's electrical fire only!

After a long day, we're all so hungry now!!!  Carina and me were preparing our dinner!!


Pasta again as it's easy to cook!!

It's quite warm for us to have a dinner together in this nice house after a long day traveling and we girls were just like a family.  sweet!!

As Marie is vegetarian, so no meat for tonight dinner!!

We got a
nice balcony too and there were quite a lot of star outside!!!  If it didn't so cold, I'd love to stay there for longer!!

So relaxing to having a apple on this comfortable sofa!!

Although the NeverWork GPS ruined our day but we could finally stay in this nice guesthouse, we're satisfied!!! 

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Great Ocean Road
photo by: Morle