Amazing Australia Trip Day 6 ~ 13/4 Port Arthur, Hobart, Melbourne City

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 6

13/4  Port Arthur, Hobart, Melbourne City

We stayed this motel last night!!  It looks nice, isn't it?

It's our room.  Yes, it it wasn't close to the reception, we could drive to there and park our car in front of our room~

The view took
from the widow of our room.  There are many lakes in Tasmania, so we stayed close with the lake for 3 nights already!!

Wake up, Richard!!!!! I need to go to airport this afternoon!!!!!

Since I got a flight to Melbourne at 12pm, so we didn't have sufficient time to visit the Port Arthur, so we can only watch it from the lookout in the morning.

I think the daytime of Port Arthur is much better than at night! So bad we didn't have enough time and I didn't want to miss my flight for sure.

After a short visit at the Port Arthur, Richard drove me back to Hobart airport.  It's like 2 hours driving and I was absolutely in hurry. There was traffic jam in the mid road too, I was so annoyed as I didn't think there would be a traffic jam in Tasmania!!!  Finally, I arrived the airport at 11:25pm. I ran to the airport immediately after jumping out from the car, Richard was so nice to help me to carry my heavy backpack so that I could run faster!!  When I first entered the airport, I heard the announcement that the check in counter of my flight would be closed very soon!!! Luckily, the airport was small and nobody lined up for check-in!!! Thanks God!! If I missed the flight, it'd be very horrible for the rest of my trip!!

Luckily that I could catch my flight at the last minute!!!!

Bye, Tasmania!!! I will miss you!!
What a nice trip with Richard and Ted in Tasmania.  Ted told me he was always lazy to plan holiday by himself and finally turned to join tours for traveling, but after this trip, he'd try to plan his own holiday in the future!!!  Wow..I'm so glad that he turns his traveling style!!

The flight from Hobart to Tasmania was only like an hour something, that was pretty fast.  When I first arrived the Melbourne International Airport, I was welcomed by these dogs!!  After leaving the airport, I took a shuttle bus to the city town and they provided another shuttle to send me in front of my hostel.  Nice services!!

This is the street down of our hostel!!  It's so busy in comparing to Tasmania and full of Asians!!!

It's our hostel Greenhose Backpacker where is located in pretty central area!!  AU$30 per night in a 8 girls dorm room with breakfast!!   Great Deal!!

The entrance
with a traveling desk but it's closed when I arrived.  Michelle, Marie and Carina were flying from HK this morning, and we supposed to meet at the room but I couldn't see them when I came in the room. The receptionist told me they're going out to find some food to eat.  I waited for them in the room for a while but still didn't see them, so I decided to leave a message and went out for a little walk.

The tram in Melbourne!!

Flinders Street Train Station, we lived close to here!!

Opposite of Flinders Street Train Station is St Paul's Cathedral that is also just located opposite to our hostel

Another side of Flinders Street Train Station is Federation Square
!!!  It means the hostel we stayed is in one of the best locations in town. The photo looks better than the real one, I was quite excitied for the great architectural of this building but I was quite disappointed about it.

The floor tiles in Federation Square!!!

After a short walk, I got the message from Michelle, they were back from tea, so I came back to the hostel to meet them up and go out again.  I thought they had been the places I went as they're just too close to our hostel.  However, they just went to another side for finding food and shopping!!! god, these girls are shopping queens!!!  So I needed to accompany them to walk again the places I had just walked to and become their guide!!!

Marie from England, one of my best friends in university, we lived in the same hall for a semester, but it's our first time to travel together!!  Carina, classmate of Michelle!!

Ferris wheel
can be found everywhere in Melbourne!

I think Melbourne city is kind of artistic, you can feel it by walking around!!

Nice walking path!!

We walked slowly along the Yarra River to catch up with Marie as we hadn't met each other for a year already!!

Yarra river is a really relaxing place!!  Aussie really knows how to enjoy their lives!

The Melbourne city!!

Marie took this picture without our consent.  She said this picture showed the way of our travel style...taking pictures all the time!!!!  haa....Michelle and me bought a same model of camera and we're both beginners in photography, so we needed to practice more!!

The kids in Australia
are so cute and they're having fun now!!!

After a relaxing walk along the Yarra river, we're feeling tired already, so we found some food to eat.  As we're not so hungry and didn't want to spend so much on food, so we decided to buy some food in the food court along the river. There were some tables and chairs along the river, so we could sit there and eat!

The food in Australia is boring!!
  After 5 days in Australia, I missed the food in HK too much!!! 

After the dinner, we walked to Eureka Tower, the tallest building in Melbourne city!!!  We planned to go up but it's a big queue there, as we needed to wake up so early to pick up our car and start out Great Ocean Road trip, so we decided to go back to the hostel for rest!!

On the way back to the hostel.  It's a bit like Shanghai city!!! I bought a star filter for this trip and Michelle took her tripod too,  so here is the nice picture!!!  My star filter can detect the strong light spots in the dark and turn them in stars!!!  Beautiful?? 

Inside the dorm room!!
  We're like dead..Michelle, Carina and Marie just took a long haul flight from HK and I couldn't sleep well last night and also took a short flight too. We needed to wake up at 7am tomorrow, so we slept at around 9pm.....hahah..when someone turned the light off, I fell asleep like in 10 seconds.

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photo by: jendara