Amazing Australia Trip Day 5 ~ 12/4 Lake Pedder, Richmond, Tasmania Sea, Port Arthur

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 5

12/4  Lake Pedder, Richmond, Tasmania Sea, Port Arthur

I think that the Aussie people trust people so well.  It's always possible for 3 guests to rent a double room as the reception is far away from our room and they don't really have staff in the reception.  They are at the back and you should ring them to come.  This hostel provided free breakfast, but you didn't require to present anything, just come to make a seat and serve yourself.

That was our light free breakfast provided by the hostel, you could't expect much in Australia.

Beautiful birds

It's nice to sleep close the the lake, but you can't see it clearly at night.  We cooked in the stone shelter last night, but I could only see the beautiful lake this morning.

It's so nice to enjoy a morning coffee/tea in front of the Lake Pedder.  What a relax day!!

That is Lake Pedder.....we stayed there for like a half hour.  Ted just took many random pictures of me~~~

There is another dam near the Lake Pedder, but this one is much more!!

This is a small cave there, I thought we might saw some bats there, but it's just an empty cave.

Then we took a long drive to Richmond.  It's like almost 3 hours drive!!!!!  We stopped in a mid road to have a light lunch.  Richard is a big fans of McDonald, and he took us to try the McDonald Drive thru!!  This is my first time to try this drive thru stuff, we don't have this kind of drive thru in HK!! Ted said they had it in Taiwan as well. I think the whole experience is interesting and convenient, you don't need get out your car to buy food!!

First you need to order your food in through this speaker

Then drive a bit to pay

Drive a bit more to take your food then!!

Crazy Richard driving in this blurry road with high speed by one hand only!!And use his another hand to take photo!!

Ted didn'
t know anything at all as he slept so sweet!!

After 3 hours driving, we arrived a small town called Richmond which is located on the way to Port Arthur!

There are many cute and small nice houses in Richmond

We went to a small historical house and saw some small toys showing the life of people in old days.  They have a museum there, but it's quite expensive to go and we preferred to see some real stuff!!!

This is the oldest stone bridge in Richmond!! I think it's a bit like the bridge in Florence

It's fun to travel with you guys~

Richmond is a lovely small town. It's just so relaxing to play on the grass ground and watch the ducks swimming.

The ducks are so cute.  I love this beautiful small town!!

Wow, there were many nice old cars in Richmond, they're all in use and we met some of the owners too.  Perhaps, there are many rich people in this town, so people named this town as Richmond!!!  This is my wild guess!!

Then we visited a church nearby called St John Catholic Church

It's only a small chapel

We're lighting the candles in the church.  It's suggested to donate some money after lighting the candles and the money box was located below!!

That naughty candle trick was made by Richard, so he had to donate some money for sure!

is so proud of piercing so much but it's quite scary for me to first meet his piercing!!  He said it wasn't really painful to do it and encourage me to take one too.  Of course, I'll never do so!!!!  My friend said he was like a vampire with piercing especially there was a church at background!!

After leaving Richmond, we're supposed to go directly Port Author to see the historical site but we stopped in a lookout called Tasmans Arch and Devils Kitchen!!!

This is the Tasmans Arch
, I think I saw it in a TVB show before...giant stone!!

What are u throwing, Ted?

Are you going to kill someone, Richard?

We stopped here longer than we expected as these 2 crazy guys were playing anything here!!!

Don't think they jump up too high, there was a platform on the stone, so they're just jumping down!!

I guess it's Tasmania Sea....peaceful!!!

There are many animals and insects in Tasmania, but Ted would you please stop killing this big ant please?

This is the Devils Kitchen!! The Devil's Kitchen is an unusual rock formation carved by the sea through the sheer rock face of the eastern coast of the Peninsula.  I've no idea it's called a Devils Kitchen.  I thought we could find  a real kitchen here!!!

Since we stayed in the Tasmans Arch & Devils Kitchen too long, so it's already 6pm when we arrived the Port Arthur Historical Site, we couldn't go in freely as it's completely dark.  The only way to enter is joining the Ghost Tour.  My friend told me the Ghost tour was so boring, the tourist guide just told us some long story and walked around.  I didn't want to join it but I had to leave to Melbourne tomorrow, so I got no choice but joined the ghost tour.

is is the famous church without the roof hands were not so it made the special effect for this ghost picture in that ghost tour
!!  I couldn't really take a proper picture at night!!

The ghost tour was so boring, the woman was just talking and talking!!! I was so annoyed about it!!
  I just couldn't concentrate on her.  That was  the most scary thing saw in the historical site...a skull!!

it's complete dark when the sun gone and we just relied this little light to bright us a bit!!

This is the prison
.  Since Tasmania is far away from the mainland of Australia and Port Arthor is  located the corner of the most southern part of Tasmania, so it's the perfect place to house convicts who committed serious crimes in Australia as it's easily guarded and the rugged coastline discouraged their escape attempts!!

There is a small museum attached to the historical site to introduce some history of the prison. It's quite interesting to see.

As told, the convicts were trapped in a single prison, they couldn't talk to other and they're only allowed to go out for an hour to do exercise everyday and go to the small chapel every week.

sometimes, they needed to do some works like this!!

Richard and me tried to knock ourselves with these metal chains!  They're really heavy...I couldn't walk with them!!

Home sweet home?? I don't think living i the prison can be like home!!

The model of the Port Arthur

After leaving the Historical, we needed to find an accommodation.  There were a campsite near the site that we may find some cheap cabin to stay!!  We arrived there at 8:30pm and found that the reception was close at 8pm....It's so discouraging!!  Finally, we found a hotel to rent a double room for $120!!  When we told the receptionist, we wanted to find a room for 3 people, she charged us $140 and a person should sleep on the sofa.  So we told her we wanted a double room now and she trusted us that we're only 2 people!!!!  Funny Australasian!!

There were a bar and restaurant attached to the hotel, but it's almost close when we arrived.  The receptionist told us what the hotel could offer us as dinner was some chips!!!!!  Oh my god!!  We didn't want to have chips as dinner and there was no cooking appliance for us to cook!!! It seemed that we couldn't find any food nearby and so we just went to a shop to buy some fresh food to cook simply! We needed to use our intelligence again Poor us!!

It's my first time to using the boiler to to boil the eggs!!

We bought some fish fingers and hams from the restaurant, and we cooked it just outside the room by Richard's small cooking set!!  Yeah..there was smoke detectors there.

Ketchup with fish fingers & bread!! It didn't taste bad!!

our successful dinner cooking, we decided to drink some beers for our farewell..

Well, only 1 bottle of beer
wouldn't make you guys get drunk!

Wow..I couldn't believe our farewell dinner would come out like this.  Life is full of unexpectancy!!

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