Amazing Australia Trip Day 4~11/4 , Lake St Clair , Mt Field National Park, Gordon Dam, Lake Pedder

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 4

11/4  , Lake St Clair , Mt Field National Park, Gordon Dam, Lake Pedder

This the cabin we stayed last night and Richard's car!!  Driving travel was cool that made everything so easy!!  I'd like to get a driving license too!!

As we just stayed next to the lake, many people brought their yachts here!!

We didn't have a tent, otherwise we would like to do some camping here which was much cheaper!!! However, it might be too cold for me!!!

This kind of campervan is so convenient, I'd like to try it one day!!

Lake St Clair at the day time!

Lake St Clair is very beautiful!!  It reminded my memory in Lake Tazawa-Ko in Japan

Guess what?? I met a Sophie here!!!  She is my ex-cellgroupmate from Church!! I haven't met her in HK for a while already, I just couldn't believe the world is that small!! Tasmania isn't a  popular state for travel in Australia and Lake St Clair even is not a famous tourist spot in Tasmania!!

After leaving Lake St Clair, we need to drive a while to Mt Field National Park!   Blue sky, white cloud and straight road, perfect day!!

We stopped in a small town to buy some food in the supermarket and Richard suggested to buy some ice-cream!!!

Here is the Mt Field National Park!  It's like a big rainforest with many tall trees!!  Unlike Cradle Mountain, the hiking track wasn't well paved with wood but with some concrete and soil.

  It wasn't that easy to hike like in Cradle Mountain, but it's still OK to hike!

\'s so different from Cradle Mountain, I really felt like situated in a rainforest!!

You cab feel how tall and big the tree here!!  The diameters of the trees are much taller than me even they are dead!!

This is the famous Russell Falls...very high!!As I bought a new professional camera, so I can use adjust the speed of my camera shutter (TV mode) to take different types of picture!!!

Fast shutter Vs slow shutter, can you see the different?

The top of the Russell Falls, nothing much special!!  Watching from the base is much better!

another small fall call Horeshoe Falls

Good that they marked out the time needed for our hiking in most of the national park!!

Wild Mushroom

You can use this method to measure the height of the tree.

I think this may be the tallest one here

Using all yours senses. I did stop here to take some deep breaths and relax for a while to experience the beautiful creation from God. I can hear the sound of the wind in the treetops, and the birds singing!!! Yes..we city people just don't have much time to take a rest for contemplation!!

I was so touched when I first read tears were almost out!!! The end and a new beginning!! The fire seems destroying everything but in fact it provides much more nutrients for the trees!! Life is a cycle, every thing happens in the world has their reason. Our Creator is a genius!!

After leaving Mt Field, we're heading to Gordon Dam, the dam that Richard would like to go so much. It doesn't appear on many guidebook, so I think it isn't a popular place for travel, but he insisted to go so much!!'s beautiful!!!  Thanks Richard bringing us to this beautiful place!!! It's really beautiful!!  It's shame that not many people know this place, they must miss this beautiful!!

We'd like to walk down to see the beautiful dam.  However, we needed to walk down from this long deep steel staircase.  It looked so scary!!

We could see so clear the underneath!! 

So here we're in the middle...quite cold!!

That's the long staircase!!!

There is another staircase allowing the maintenance staff to walk down the bottom of the dam!!  It must be so scary!!!  Of course, it is strictly accessible for the maintenance staff only!

That is the another side of the Dam

Beautiful Gordon Lake!!!!!!!!  It's really beautiful and amazing!!!

Good that in Australia, they have this signs everywhere to remind you to look out a bit the beautiful view!!

Richard's car and the sunset..nice!!

Lake Pedder is just next to the Gordon Dam, so we passed by it and found a hostel there, so we stopped and ask for accomodation!

It's so windy and cold!!

This is the Cabin we stay!

Hostel Reception!!!

AU$90 for a double room.  Poor Richard needed to sleep on the floor with his sleeping bag tonight.

We bought some chicken in the supermarket today!! It's bad that there isn't kitchen here. Luckily, Richard got the cooking kit to do it!!  It's my first time to use it.  I feel like doing a wild camp in Australia!!

It didn't taste bad!!

some rabbits!!!

Luckily, there was a  cheap restaurant here, only $14.5, you could eat all roast food!!

That's my dinner, it looked good but not tasted good!! I thought I would have another dish but I was too full and even couldn't finish it!!

Still no any signal here, so the night entertainment presented again by Richard

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Mt Field National park
photo by: qqstacy