Amazing Australia Trip Day 3 ~ 10/4 Hiking at Cradle Mountain, Queenstown, Lake St Clair

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 3

10/4  Hiking at Cradle Mountain, Queenstown, Lake St Clair

As we planned to go hiking at Cradle Mountain and drive a long way in somewhere around Queenstown today, so we got up at 6am to start our trip.  When we got up at 6am, it's still so dark, I hadn't waken up at that early for a long time.

The first thing we had to do - self petrol-filling!! need to serve yourself in Australia.  Nobody worked in this petrol station, you got a special bank card and then you paid for your petrol!!

Perhaps, instead of human, we can find more cows in Tasmania!!!  The cows we met in Tasmania were so funny to stare at me when I tried to take a picture for them.  They're like so shock to see me..  I guess they may just seldom to meet a Chinese girl like me.

Perhaps, it's still in an early morning, there was nobody in the highway to the Cradle Mountain.

Crazy guy lying on the highway, oh yeah, he is my travel buddy!!

Houses in Sheffield are kind of simple and beautiful like this...

We had a little breakfast in this little town and waiting for the supermarket to buy some food for our today dinner.  It's interesting to meet a Cantonese guy working in the supermarket.  There was rare Chinese living in Tasmania.  He is the only one I met who spoke Cantonese  in Tasmania.

We found an old piano on the street and I couldn't believe Richard could play it!!!!!!!  Cool!!

So after like an hour drive from Sheffield, we arrive Cradle Mountain!!

The trees in Cradle Mountain are strange, we're like in a dead city.

You have to buy a national parks pass to enter all national parks in Tasmania.  We bought a holiday pass for a vehicle that is valid for 8 weeks and up to 8 people in a vehicle(AUD$56 for it).  However, our pass was never checked in the whole trip, so if you are shorted of money and brave enough to take a risk, you can forget the pass.

We can park our car in the park entrance and then take a shuttle bus to travel around the mountain for free if you have the national parks pass but again they never checked our pass.  It's a smart travel style as it can minimize the traffic impact to the environment and you can always hike for one way direction and then take a shuttle bus for return way.

We're going to have this Cradle Valley Boardwal
k which would take around 3 hors for 1 way and then we'd take a shuttle bus back here. In order to make sure all people hiking safely, all people have to register before starting your walk.  It's just requited to write down your contact information and your hiking plan.

Starting photo!!It's still very cold in early morning, so we still have heavy jackets on

We're ready to walk!!

We walked so slow as we needed to stop for photo taking
for many times!!

I love this beautiful natural environment!!

Hiking at Cradle Mountain is really enjoyable.  Most of the hiking routes are paved well that is very easy for people to hike and minimize the disturbance to the environment!! Only some parts in the hiking route are not paved properly with rocks and grasses. It's just like our life, you have both easy and hard roads but after you reach your destination, you can see the beautiful view!! Cheer up, buddies!!

The Cradle Mountain is just behind me!!  It's my first time to meet you, Mt Cradle!!

Some steps up....not so harsh..

Ted...wake up!!! We still have a long way to walk!!!

OK...just take a rest here.  I like the grasses around me, they look so cute!!

Since there was nobody hiking with us, we set a timer for this picture and Richard had to run for it. 

It's a funny picture, Ted thought that Richard would take a photo for him, but Richard just took it for me only, poor Ted became my background!!

After like an hour of hiking, it became warm.

Ted and Richard were so excited to jump off in this brownish river a bit
.  Don't think the river dirty, it's the natural color of the water with enzyme.

After jumping down to the river, Richard brought some gifts back....look at his back!!!!  There were some insects sucking his back when he was back!!

Scary insect!

The trees in Cradle Mountain are beautiful...

The walking track......full of shits from the animals!  Walking with care!!

Richard was so hungry that have to feed up the whole bag of chips!!! Yes, he didn't share with us!!

The new tree growing on
a dead tree...What a life is!!

Overland Track is one of the harsh tracks in the mountain, it'll take you
4-5days walking, we just walked a little bit in our trip.

...the special animal found in Australia only!

The road was bad here with broken wood and road...but it's still OK to walk.

Wow...The water is from Dove Lake and the Cradle Mountain is just behind the Dove Lake!

Haha..this picture was quite tricky!!  It's just like I hiked a lot and reached the summit!! If I put this photo next to the Overland Track photo, it could fake many people!

Beautiful Cradle Mountain & Dove Lake are perfect match..beautiful like in heaven!!

We spent more than 3 hours walking to's so beautiful!!

After walking from the entrance to the Dove Lake via Lake Lilla, we totally walked for 8.5km and then we walked a short track called Rainforest-Pencil Pine Falls Walking Track and we saw this little fall!!!

After spending like 4 hours of hiking, we're so exhausted and waiting the shuttle bus back to the carpark entrance.  While we're waiting for our bus, we met this cute kid!!! I know you were tired, baby, so did we!!!

After departing from the Cradle Mountain, we started to drive, we were not sure how far we could drive and not sure when would we stay tonight.  So it's all depending on our driver, Richard, see how fast he could drive!

I think driving wasn't so easy in this kind of blurry road.  Thanks God that Richard was  a good driver, so Ted and me trusted him quite much that we did fall asleep many times and Richard was the only one who kept driving!!

Difficult mountain road!!

So we passed through this Queestown peak..nothing much to see as it's so cold and blurry!!
Queenstown is nothing just was a old town for digging gold!!

After a long drive and we arrived Lake St Clair where was located on the another side of the Cradle Mountain!!  We tried to find some backpacker hostel here, but all beds were sold out.  So we didn't have a choice but rent a cabin for a night which was AU$270.  It's kind of out of our budget but finally it came out that the cabin was so nice!!!! It's a 2-storey little cabin with a real fireplace...very nice that can accommodate more than 4 people sleeping on the bed and many people sleeping in the couch and the floor....wish we could have more friends to travel with that it'll be very cheap!!!

We met the Wombat again on our way back to the cabin

Our lovely kitchen and the dining room

I love this real fireplace!!!

This is the queen size bed in
our cabin! Since Richard drove for the whole day, he deserved a better bed!!

Ted and me were going to sleep on another bed near the queen size bed!!

Everything close after 6pm in rural area. We have to cook for ourselves. I was the cook that night

my best dish - pasta!!!

look tasty???

There was no communication signal in this area which meant no internet, no TV, no mobile. So, Richard gotta entertain us by his guitar

I was so relaxed in this cabin,  I wish I could have a house like it in Hong Kong.  I love the skylight in the house!!!  I had a long hot shower and lied on the queen size bed to do a facial mask!!!  What a relaxing night after a long day!!

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Cradle Mountain
photo by: Sunflower300