Amazing Australia Trip Day 13&14 ~ 20-21/4 Sydney city day trip & flying back home

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 13&14

20-21/4  Sydney city day trip & flying back home & office

It's my last day in Sydney now. Richard left me in this early morning, I said goodbye to him in the hostel corridor, he didn't even allow me to accompany him to the train station as he thought it'd be quite sad.  So we just said goodbye to each other in the hostel room. He would fly back to Tasmania and took his car then took a ferry to Melbourne and drive ahead to Alice Spring.   I'm going to met Ted who was traveling with me in Tasmania and my cousin today to do my city tour!!

I checked out from the hostel and leave my backpack there in the morning then walk to the train station to meet Ted and my cousin up.  Then we walked to famous Darling Harbour!

It's famous Darling habour, I love the name!!!!!  It's quite relaxing there.  It think I'd like to spend a whole morning there and doing nothing if I have time but just not today.  The weather wasn't so good!

My cousin told me this fountain was so famous, everyone needed to walk under the middle to take a photo.

  Here I am!!

Sydney Conventional Center

Many boats parking there!

A light house at Darling habour!!

Ted and me in front of this historical boat!!

I like this kind of tram, it looks quite cyber!

This bird was so relaxing by standing on top of a car!!

We walked to Sydney Fish Market for our lunch.

So much shrimp!

Aussie lobsters

I was quite looking forward for it but it came out quite disappointing.  It's full of Asian, you can just speak Cantonese/Mandarin there...there were really loads of people and tourists, and not so much sitting space.  I really hate that big crowd.  We were waiting for a table for like 10-15 minutes and once we got our seats, a Chinese woman came and said that she was waiting for that table.  I was like What????She told me she was waiting there but then went to another side but her eyes kept watching it....She was too crazy, I couldn't really see her point.  I am polite and nice girl most of the time, but I just didn't see the point here and I shouldn't let that crazy woman do whatever she wanted.  So, we just ignored her and sat down!

Our food.. The oysters were good but the others were just so so.

.Perhaps, I had visited Hakodate fish market in Hokkaido, Japan that was much better than here!!

Sydney Aquarium, but we didn't go there, we just waited the ferry here.

The ferry in Sydney, it looked so old!!!

I like taking ferry quite well...Big wind and comfortable!! 

You can see Habour Bridge and Opera House so clear in the ferry!!

My cousin and me.

  He has been studying in Sydney for a year something, so he could take me around Sydney.  I was so glad to meet him there and he was much mature than before.   It's just cool to meet someone you know in a foreign country!!!

It's just cool to have a cruise under the bridge!!! It is the world’s widest long-span bridge and tallest (134m), but not the longest, steel arch bridge opened in 1932 becoming Sydney’s first internationally recognised landmark. The bridge is such an enduring symbol of the city that it deserves more than just a quick look.

After landing, we went to Lunar Park for a short walk.  This park was so small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had totally no interest in this small park!!

After landing, we decided to walk across habour bridge!!!  Yes.

...we're walking on the bridge with the car driving beside us!!

Watching Opera House from the bridge 

I like Opera House at nigh more!!!  It looked quite old in daytime.  Ted told me it looked nice on sunny days when some sunlight reflected on it!!

We spent like 20 minute to walk across the bridge and met these teenagers!!!  It's funny that they're looking at me in a funny wya!!

Sydney City, here you could find some tall building and it's a bit like in Wanchai of Hong Kong...yeah, not even similar to central, the buildings were quite old!

Aboriginals playing trafing musica on street and earning some money!!

Then we walked through Sydney city and saw some European style buildings.

Some of them are Government and bank buildings

Sydney TV tower~~

This is a famous shopping mall in Sydney.. I just forgot the name, but it's just famous due to its old architectural features.

Then my cousin took me to visit China Town to buy some duty free souvenir back to Hong Kong and I needed to say goodbye with Ted here.  I hope we can meet somewhere else in the world.  He is such a nice guy!!

Habour Plaza????  It looked much ugly in comparing to Habour City in Hong Kong though they got the same name!

Actually, I didn't buy much  here, just some snacks back home as my backpack couldn't carry so much and I didn't want to bring some crappy souvenir back!!

Then my cousin accompanied back to the hostel to carry out my backpack.

..I was quite tired already even I still had 4 hours before flying and airport was just 15 minute train to the city.  I just want to make sure I could take my flight on time!!!  This is the street I stayed there...It's so noisy to sleep here!!

I was carrying my backpack to Central train station!!

I had my last meal in train station with my cousin!!!  It's my last junk food here......Hungry Jack!!!  I always wanted to try it as it's only found in Australia and their logo was just so similar to "Burger King"!!

This is the flag in Central train station where I had been visited for many times in these 3 days....Overall, I love Australia quite well and I am pretty sure I'd go back again!  I said goodbye to my cousin here and took a train to the hostel....  I had said goodbye to many people and I was always flying's boring!!

I'd like to buy more chips and snacks in the airport but it wasn't so much to shop in airport and there were many mainland Chinese there!! too bad!!

I've never met a so old ground staff.
CX was great, no age discrimination n this point!!

I just didn't know why it's always raining when I was flying back home.  The flight was so full and most of passenger were mainland Chinese and they stopped over in Hong Kong and change flights back home.  It's a disaster at the beginning, they're so noisy and I was so tired, so I was very annoyed!!  A girl sitting next to me was also from mainland,  she was flying alone, so she didn't make any noise. I didn't know why I was just sick of staying with these screaming mainland Chinese and I just spoke English for whole flight with the flight attendants!!! 

 Luckily, they felt asleep immediately after turning off of light!!!  I was just too tired and I slept quite well in the flight!!!  I just only finished one movie in this almost 9 hours flight!!

I was landed HK at 5ish in early morning and arrived home at 7am, then I slept an hour then took a shower and went back to work immediately!!!!!  My colleagues said I was too crazy!!!  haha...yes...I know I was crazy and I couldn't really work but I just didn't have enough annual leave and I prefer to travel one more day even I have enough annual leave rather than taking rest at home for a day!!!

In conclusion, I enjoyed this trip quite well and it's just bad that I didn't complete my skydiving mission due to the bad weather, so I'm quite sure I'll come back again  I was supposed to travel alone in this trip but it turned out that I didn't really alone except taking flights!!!  It distracted my original plan but it's pretty cool that I could travel with different people in different states in Australia.

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