Amazing Australia Trip Day 12 ~ 19/4 Skydiving at Wollongong Sydney Royal Easter Show

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 12

19/4  3rd Attempt of Skydiving at Wollongong, Sydney Royal Easter Show

Since we had a appointment with the skydiving company at Wollongong at 8am this morning and we needed to take 2 hours bus to there.  We needed to get up at 5am something today!!!  Unfortunately, we're late and arrived there at 9am.  The skydiving company picked us up at the train station and they said the weather was bad and all skydiving appointments were on hold, as our appointment was the earliest, we'd be the first one to jump if the weather turned good.  They suggested us go for a breakfast and they would give us a call if it's ready to jump.  Unfortunately, it's raining, we waited there for 2 hours and we didn't think we can have a sunny day, so we decided took bus back to Sydney!!!  I was so desperate, it's my 3rd skydiving attempt!!!!!  

Suppose to do the skydiving
with this company at Wollongong, it's the only company provided the skydiving with beach view!!  I wish I could do it!!!

Richard wanted this strawberry cake for morning snack!!!  It tasted good!!

it's Richard's breakfast called "The Big", it's really big and looked delicious!!!!

It's's called "Happy day" but when I saw Richard's breakfast, I wasn't that happy with my breakfast

North Beach at Wollongong
   They have beautiful birds there!!

It's bad..I needed to protect my camera
and our skydiving had to be cancelled!!!

So, we took 2 hours bus back to central station and then 20 minutes  train to the Olympic Park for Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Sydney Olympic Stadium was just behind me!!

Richard and me self-photo taking

There were so many welcome languages on the stand here!!!  I found Chinese!!

I love this Olympic Spirit!!

Sydney Royal Easter Show
has more than 150 years history
!  It's the largest event in Australia, I was so glad that I cold join this!

Big Aussie Fireman and his car
.  I think I have never seen a big fireman like him in Hong Kong.

Richard got his first energy drink
, he's so tired!!

Hello Kitty
game stall??

Big party here

cute kids!

I wasn't so interested in the games here, so we skipped all these amusement stuff!!

Then we went to the animals section, but it's quite smelly!!  Richard said he was sick of animal and he looked quite annoying while I was checking the animals around.  As a result, I had to skip this animal session as well.  Anyway, I had visited the nice cattle farm in Melbourne already, so I was fine to skip it.

Dairy farmers balloon....cute!

Richard look
ed so young in this picture

This little fireman car is so funny, it's just like a toy.  Don't forget the Aussie firemen are so big, it just doesn't match with their size!

I'd like to watch this Psycho side show so much, but when we arrived, it's already full, we need to stand behind to watch!!

I am just too short, my height is similar to Aussie children, I couldn't really see much  I need to stand very straight to see it.  Luckily, Richard is tall enough to help me to take some pictures to me and he held me up for a while to see...hahha..I was just like a child!

This is the highlight - sword swallow!!!  I heard that he's the man who can shallow the longest sword!!!!  I had no idea how could he do that!!!

Other's my first time to see this kind of show on live.

Then we went to arena to watch other show.  we thought it's the Olympic stadium at the beginning, but after the show, we realized it's only an arena, the stadium is much bigger.  Since we got the experience from the side show, we went to the arena much earlier to watch some not so popular show, so that we could find some nice seats.  We had changed different seats actually.  We finally decided to sit down in a higher position as it could see the whole view and we wouldn't get wet even in raining!

Some dancing show.  I was sure a family just sit in front of us got a daughter dancing there since the family was dancing so happily!!

Heavy rain, luckily, we sat on the higher position, otherwise, we got wet!!

A drama musical

Richard likes this show...I like it's quite exciting!!

The motorbike!!

Laser show


I love the laser and fireworks so much.  Although it wasn't big and long lasting, it's just special to see a firework in the stadium!!!!  Nice!!

Richard was dead after the Easter show, but I was so insisted to go to Opera House and Habour Bridge, as it's our last night together and I'd fly back to Hong Kong tomorrow night, so I had to visit them at night to see the night view.  It's also Richard's birthday at mid night too...So he agreed and bought another energy drink to go to Opera House!! 

I couldn't believe there were so many Asian
s in Sydney..the whole train platform was Asian!!  It's the worst thing I found in Sydney and Melbourne, it's just too many Asians and I just didn't feel like I was in Australia!!

Beautiful Opera House and Habour Bridge, I love it so much.  In my opinion, they look much better at night rather than daytime.  Luckily, we got a chance to see it!!

Self-photo taking again!!!!!  Richard spent his birthday moment with me on the way back to the hostel.  We're dead!!!!  It's nice to travel with Richard and I was so glad that he flied to Sydney with me for these little 2 days.  I'd be so bored without him!

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photo by: monkeymia79