Amazing Australia Trip Day 11 ~ 18/4 Arrival at Sydney, Blue Mountain half day trip

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 11

18/4  Arrival at Sydney, Blue Mountain half day trip

I got an early flight to Sydney at 8:15am today, so I booked a hostel that was only within 5 minute walk to the bus station to the airport!!!   Since I almost missed my flight at Hobart and I didn't want to be so rush, so I decided to catch up the bus at 6:45, so that I'd probably arrived by 7:154am!!  I set twice alarm at 5:45am and 6:00am....Luckily, I did it as I missed the first alarm!!!! It'd be terrible if I missed the flight as Richard bought a ticket to meet at the Sydney airport.

My plan was perfect, I caught the flight on time and arrived the airport with sufficient time to have a breakfast!! A pizza and a cup of coffee

It'd be my last time to take
the Virgin Blue during this trip!!  Actually, I like it quite well, their staff was friendly, they're telling jokes on flight while briefing the local weather.  The seat was comfortable too.  Of course, the cheap fare and frequent schedule are so attractive as well!

Picking my luggage at the arrival hall at the Sydney!!  Yes...I flied with a big group of sportsmen!!!!!  So cool!!!

I tried to call Richard when I arrived but he didn't answer my call and my phone was out of limit.  Luckily, you can receive text for free in Australia, Richard texted me to tell his position and we met up successfully!!  Then we found a hostel at the airport randomly and then took a shuttle bus to the hostel directly.

The staircase in the hostel
, it looks old!  The hostel was cheap but just fair!!!  After a short rest, we're heading to have some food and then started our Blue Mountain half day trip!

I couldn't believe Richard ordered this big pizza without telling me!!!!!! I was supposed to order a kangaroo kebab, but I saw this giant pizza, I gotta cancel my meal!! So bad that I didn't try the Kangaroo meat
in Australia!!!

Could you just walk a bit slower, Richard?

I couldn't believe that we could find this kind of Buddhist shop in Sydney city!!

Sydney Central Train Station
where we needed to go everyday~Luckily, our hostel was close to it!

Quite complicated auto-selling ticket machine!! Many stops!!
We needed a while to buy our tickets to Blue Mountain as there was no stop as called "Blue Mountain", luckily, my Lonely Planet told me the correct station!

Inter city train in Sydney...Like most of the Eurpean train, it's just too dirty in comparing to Hong Kong!

Platform at Central Train Station!!

After more than 2 hours train, we arrived Katoomba. and we walked around for 20 minutes to Echo Point!!

This is the Echo Point, I saw some mainland Chinese tourist shouting here to test the echo.  I've tried the big echo in Tasmania, so I didn't try it here.  There are too many people!!

This is the famous Three Sisters in Blue Mountain
, after visiting Grampians National Park in Victoria, it is like nothing here/

Since we only got half day, so we just went to hike some short track.

I like here more than the Three Sisters as it's just less people!

It's a dangerous pose, I climbed on a big stone to take it!!

We needed to walked up these deep stairs again!!!


Quite nice

Actually, we didn't hike so much as the evening came quite early.  Anyway, I had seen many beautiful natural scene in this trip and the Blue Mountain wasn't so attractive in comparing here!!  We're taking break here and we decided to do the skydiving tomorrow.  We made a phone call to the Sydney skydiving centre but it's full except at 8am and we need to take 2 hours bus to there.  It's crazy, I'd to give up but Richard would like to do so, so we confirmed our booking.  I hoped the skydiving could work ou!

This cute Aussie kid was running around and his mom told me that she was so tired and worried about his son!! Then I told her his kid was big enough to take care of himself!!! This kid said "yes, mom, I am big enough!!"
I think that he may become a handsome guy when he grew up!

We meet an aborigine playing the traditional musical her....

After the sun was gone, we needed to walk the all way back.  As the train was only arrived every hour, and we needed to run for our train again!!!  Richard bought some beers in this shop and he did this silly picture!!!!

I'd like to take a picture with this big koala at the beginning, but there was a group of Japanese girls taking with it.  So I gave up and planned to take this picture when we were back. The koala was actually outside the shop, I didn't see it when I arrived and I was so disappointed, luckily, I finally found it again, the boss just moved it inside the store and they're ready to close!!

I'd like to visit the Opera House and Habour Bridge tonight.  However, Richard was so tired that he didn't want to go with me.  So I had no choice but go back to the hostel to sleep and ready for our skydiving tomorrow at 8am!!

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photo by: Sunflower300